Lying Customer Service

Has anyone else been repeatedly lied to by customer service? I was told I could replace my order with autoflowers because my first shipment was missing and it put me behind schedule. They then retracted the offer and have been promising to reship for the last week, but still haven’t provided tracking. I feel scammed.

I have had to contact customer twice about germination problems. Both were resolved immediately without question. It is one reason I have only bought ILGM seeds. Hope you get things squared away.


It definitely feels like they’re saying one thing and not doing it; I’m pretty furious that they seem to have absolutely no sense of urgency whatsoever. I ordered these seeds two weeks ago and they arent even in the mail. Super lame if you ask me

All interactions I have had with customer service has been first class

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@Birdsadhu Have you read the blue banner at the top of every page? These are some trying times we are in at the moment! I myself have never had any issue on orders or their promises. I am sure they will make it right as far as original order, I know 2 weeks seems like a long time when you are waiting but in this world and this hobby patience is one thing we all must have. So just give them a little time to sort it all out!


It’s been a lil frustraiting with shipping and tracking but I just chalked it up to Shopify cutting the cord unexpectedly with ILGM. They have MANY recent reviews of good service on YouTube and in various forums. I don’t feel scammed. Inpatient, excited, anxious to put seed to soil but not scammed. Just send them a copy of the email that shows the offer made by their rep initially and I’m sure they will set you up. Patience here will be the best for both parties, sure they are bogged down at this moment in time.

They initially told me I had to wait to hear from USPS and I’ve made two claims with the postal service, the first one on the 9th and both times they said they would get back to me within a day. Still no word from them; they haven’t tried contacting me. On top of that the mailman admitted that it was clearly delivered to the wrong address if I got the text alert for delivery and it wasnt in my mailbox. He apologized several time, but the post office isnt picking up their phone or calling me so I’m out $116 unless ILGM recognizes the issue and actually does something about it. I’ve been in correspondence with them for over a week and it really is starting to feel like they’re sadistically withholding my seeds. I’m beyond pissed really.

I’ve had excellent service from customer service. If you are having issues, maybe ask if you can deal with someone else.

The 2 people I have corresponded with were respectful, polite, and eager to help resolve my issue.

If you’re in the US, we’re having major problems with the US Postal service at work, and I’ve heard of dozens of people I know with similar issues.

It’s not fair to hold a vendor responsible if the governments delivery service is broken.

But if you are dissatisfied with the service you are receiving I would ask to be transferred to another customer service rep.

I know firsthand about the frustrations of dealing with the USPS, but from your response it seems that the initial mistake was with the postal delivery. If I had a customer whos order was delivered to the wrong address I probably would not be too quick to send out a replacement order either. I know that doesn’t get your seeds in the grow which is what you want, but just bear with them for a bit and I am sure they will make it right!

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Well I really hope they get their ducks in a row soon. I’d like to have a seed bank I can rely on and I’d definitely like to think they won’t go back on their word and will actually fulfill their offer of sending me autoflowers instead because of the shipping issue. It’s certainly not professional to offer a customer something and then retract it: if they had shipped replacement feminized seeds the day after I told them I didnt receive mine rather to sending me to USPS for assistance during a pandemic then my season wouldn’t be cut so damn short.

i have had to ask for help 2 times and they have come thru for me. they even did me better than i started out. i felt bad they gave me more than i lost. have patience.

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They track everything. They told me when sent and knew it was in my mailbox, haha.
Customer service is what keeps me a customer. They have bent over backwards for me and got my loyalty.

@Birdsadhu We are very sorry about this situation but I hope you see that we are doing everything we can.

  • Your first shipment didn’t arrive even though USPS marked it as Delivered.
  • We’ve created a reshipment for you right away and changed your seeds upon your request which is something we did per exception, just to show you some extra support!
  • This reshipment is in transit as we speak, it will arrive on the 22nd of February.

All this happened in a time span of 2 weeks.

I’m honestly very sorry that you feel like we are scamming you after doing all of this. Please feel free to return the seeds after you received them if you’d rather like a refund of your payment at this point.


Patience is a virtue, one I don’t have as often as I should either.

That being said your buying seeds online because currently your in a state where it prohibits the sale of them or clones. I’d say be as patient as possible because there’s no seed bank more attentive to their customers than ilgm


I apologize for being so hasty. I was somewhat hesitant to order in the first place in fear that I’d lose my money to a business I wasn’t sure about and of all the packages I’ve received it wasnt there when the mailman said it was definitely scanned and delivered somewhere. I understand that is the furthest thing from your fault, but it made me extremely upset and being told I’d need to get ahold of USPS before the order could be reshipped only added insult on top of injury. Then having the reship delayed another two days by someone telling me I could swap my order for autoflowers and having that offer rescinded added even further to my frustration. I didnt know my order had been reshipped until I got the tracking information yesterday. I doubt I’ll be returning the seeds as I’ve been eager to plant them for some time now and I’m not going to hold this experience against this company or anyone here. I overreacted and am glad to hear my seeds are on the way. I’ll give ILGM the benefit of the doubt in the future so long as these seeds are solid.


With 100% germination rate guaranteed id say that’s a company you can stand by, because they stand by us when we need them to!

Please feel free to ask any questions all members are very helpful and respectful of one another.

There’s a lot of knowledgeable growers and most have purchased from ilgm, so they have a pretty good grasp on how a lot of the strains will grow, and help you overcome obstacles or from making the same mistakes we have

As always it’s what grows best for you, wish you all the best on your grow


Thank you for following through on this.