Lux readings for mars hydro

I didn’t realize how bad lux was for reading values for lights until I put in my Mars hydro (replacing a full spectrum parfactworks) I was getting 30k lux at 24 In for the parfact lights but only getting like 300 ppfd where as with the mars I’m at 18 in getting 16-24k lux reading but the par map has me at 600-700 ppfd


I have a mars hydro ts600 . Im gonna do 1 ata a time so im hoping it will do the trick for now. I also looked at the lux value but haven’t tested.

i an still getting all my stuff together. Welcome! And im a noob. Happy growing! I’ll start my grow journal as soon as I start. I’ll be following!


That’s what I’m saying no point in doing lux reading for such an efficient light your better off doing par judgment my 1 week seedling loves being at full light(600 ppfd) so I recommend for the 600 is start your seed at 18 in (400 ppfd) and up it to 14 inch 1 week in , it might be a little wispy around the edges but you may be able to get through flower at 12 in if you LST them

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Thanks!! I really appreciate it!

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