Lux phone apps - work?

Playing around with a couple I downloaded. What I’m wondering is why would I get the same reading at 36" as I do from one inch from the light. Shouldn’t there be a difference? Do these things actually work?

I think it depends partly on your phone. The one I have seemed to work well on my good phone and I saw as high as 216,000 in direct sun. But on my backup phone I never see anything above 32,000. I’m thinking it’s limited by the phone and that’s the phone’s max.

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Okay, yeah it’s prob the phone then I guess it caps out at 39321. Because both apps say that same number no matter the distance from the light. Within reason, I can only get it so far away lol. Thanks.

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Check it outside in direct sunlight. If you’re still getting the same number, that’s definitely it.

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Yup same exact number. I was gonna cry if I still didn’t have enough light! Thanks for the peace of mind!

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Lux meters dont work and are not calibrated properly to handle high powered LED’s. In order to be more in the ballpark you would need to calibrate the lux meter next to a quantum meter.

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Appreciate the info, I’m pretty sure I’m where I need to be just happened to read about the lux phone apps on this site then scared myself when I saw my 39k was still low for flowering. I’m done playing around with that until my next round of seedlings I think. Then I’ll see about not blasting them. Pretty sure the seedlings I put under this light in my main tent under full power didn’t appreciate it. But their in another tent now so no longer a concern.

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What lights do you have?

It’s non name brand. 500 watt draw with Samsung 301b and epistar reds. 3000 or 3500 k I forget would have to look.

Does it come with a meanwell driver and your able to dim it?

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Yessir, affirmative on both.

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I made a little guide to help growers with the light heights and power levels using LED lighting. Here it is

Ok so from seedling to harvest lighting heights/driver power


Light should be about 24 inches above the canopy with driver dimmed all the way. If your internode’s are to compact then you can raise it up a few inches to get more stretch. If the plants are too leggy then you would lower the light a few inches. Always maintain around 20 to 24 inches from the canopy throughout the veg stage.


Once you flip your light cycle to 12/12…or autos start preflowering…your going to start turning your driver up a little bit every 4 to 5 days. During the plants flowering stretch your going to let them get to within 15" to the light on their own while simultaneously turning the driver up.


Once your in full flower and your plants are done growing UP, your drivers should be turned all the way up and your lights should be between 12 to 15 inches


During the last week or so you may encounter some foxtailing. If so I recommend 2 things…either turn your driver back down to its lowest setting(this is what I would do) or you can just raise your lights back up to around 24 to 30 inches.

Hope this answers any questions you have. Holler if you need something else


Thank you very much will refer back to this next round!

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No worries…good luck :metal:

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Thanks @imSICKkid very helpful info

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