Lux Meter comparison


Can anyone tell me if you apply the same principals to a 200,000 lux meter as a 100,00 lux. Meter…what I’m trying to find out is if in all reality, is I purchased a lux meter on Amazon and it’s the (HS 1010 ) that measures up to 200,000 lux so would I just set it to 20,000 x 100 and is that the same as 10,000 x100 u get when u buy a lux meter that measures 100,000 lux. Thanks for any feedback


Maybe link the one you bought?


The principle is the same, it’s only the capacity of how much lux the meter can capture on an specific area. Hoping you’ll find this helpful.


Thank u so much for that info it was very help full…I was worried that I
may be giving my plants to much light for that reason