Lurker Finally Speaking

I’ve been lurking around, perusing grow journals, gathering knowledge about growing. I’ve made rookie mistakes (growing in miracle grow), maybe under-watered a few times. I think I’ve done alright so far.

Seeds are from ILGM mix of Bruce banner, GSC, and GG.
Girls are 7 weeks from seed
2x1000W LED
fabric pots
Temp 90
Humidity 35-45%
Ph run off 6.5

Any tips, suggestions, criticism are welcome. This is my first grow and I want it to be successful


Temp 90?! Semms a bit high. You supplementing co²? if not then I would work on trying to get your temp down to 80-85 at least of its gonna run hot. I run my tent at 78 and feel when it’s up towards the 83+ range that it’s getting to high for my likes.

But otherwise the plants look good still . But for me 90° I would be doing everything I could to get that down personally. Again unless your supplementing co².

That’s a good pull for a first

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I agree with getting that temp down. I would also take out a couple of those fans blocking the inner parts. But they look good! See a lot of new rapid growth going on. Stretch is coming.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m not supplementing with co2. I have the tent in my storage room which reaches over 100 degrees. I have an inline fan and 3 fans continuously blowing, pushing air through. Any tips to power temps?

For the fan leaves, should I begin removing some now for better light penetration?

I think with the higher temps you are better off keeping as many leaves as possible. The transpiration process provided by leaves help with temp control and keeping the plant cooler than its physical environment. A few that directly cover a bud can be either moved or removed. Maybe use LST on mid-plant branches to improve the buds light exposure.
This is from MIGROW
“However it is generally accepted that 25 – 30 Degrees Celcius ( 77-86 F) is the ideal temperature range for your grow room.”


I agree, but I was referring to getting temps down first. Then removing fans.

Well temperature reading today is showing 93 degrees. But, it doesn’t feel hot at all inside my tent. Humidity is 39-45z. And, I found a cheap used HPS ballast to add more light

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ILGM community
These girls are 8 weeks from seed and beginning to flower except for the indica. Is this how they should look at this stage? Any advice, criticism, thoughts?

Lookin pretty good, maybe a little behind but no big deal. We’re you able to get your temps down a bit?
I could th get any of my ilgm Bruce banner to sprout but the gg and gsc popped right out and are doin great

Temp is still an issue and something I’ll have to deal with. Your GG and GSC grows are phenomenal! At 2 weeks into flowering how big should the colas be? Any suggestion to fatten them up or will it eventually grow bigger?


Just keep taking care of them they will fatten up nicely. My room was getting into the high 80’s so my only choice was to back the light down a bit. I don’t do too much, just a round or 2 of lst and lots of leaf tucking and light defoliation to allow more light to lower buds. I’m using jacks321 and happy frog.