Lunar Aligned Outdoor Organic Grow with Big123

DeuceDeuce is a potassium additive derived from sulfate of potash and Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.

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They are really becoming monsters

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Thank you @SilvaBack203 :peace_symbol::rainbow::fishing_pole_and_fish:

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@Budbrother @Big123

My Vitazyme showed up! I’ve read the label for application instruction and it seems kind of cryptic.

How much of this stuff per gallon should I use?

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1/2 tsp per gal for soil drench
.6 ml per qt for foliar


Potassium Sulfate aka pot ash 0-0-50


So this enzyme is not only effective on the root zone and soil microbes it also has some effect on plant material too?


@Deez I believe I added about an ounce per 4 gallons of water.

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We are on autopilot :flight_departure:

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Cruise control :sunglasses:


Love cruise control :evergreen_tree::dash:

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ILGM Critical Mass taller one, other a Dos Si Dos, both got light cycle confused by going out too early in the Spring, though seem to be growing well now, and should finish out strong.

The budding phase about to start :partying_face::evergreen_tree::four_leaf_clover:

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You always impress me with every visit. Thank you kind sr. and fantastic work. Very excited to pop back in in another few weeks.
Happy farming…


Thank you @HippieRunner1 much appreciated :four_leaf_clover::peace_symbol:

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New Moon cheers, I did some more topping today.

I spotted cool spider this morning.

Plants requiring daily watering now :four_leaf_clover::flight_departure::peace_symbol:

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Very cool spider we found a bright yellow one yesterday on our cucumbers mid-meal with a Japanese beetles head in its mouth! Love them beneficial buggers!


@Deez i love the beneficial insects too, having a mint plant helps attract goodness. We have various types of dragon flies and wasps that hunt bugs too.

I have 3,000 ladybugs :lady_beetle: getting delivered next week to set free in there.

I did more selective topping tonight.

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Beautiful. I also keep a couple of varieties of mint outdoors, did not know it was beneficial tho! What does it attract?

I’m attempting to time my fertilizing to yours and the moon cycle. My normal feeding time would be this weekend. I know the moon is waxing but still crescent. So does that mean feed light and then go heavy in two weeks or so?

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Thank you @Deez Waxing Gibbous moon phase runs 8/6-8/11, and is when the greatest nutrient uptake from the soil occurs. Less is more when it comes to fertilizing, under doing better than overdoing.

I’m likely going to hit them with their 1st dose of Power Bloom Si since flowering is starting, and give them one more dose of Vitazyme before the waxing gibbous moon phase starts.

Mint plants attract pollinators.

Thank you @Oldguy


@Big123 Most welcome my friend. :pray:
Ladies are looking very healthy.
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