Lunar Aligned Outdoor Organic Grow with Big123


I started germination on 3/2/2022, New Moon in Pisces :pisces: indoor, under lights, in soil with nursery bags. I started putting plants outside just after the Spring Solstice. A few of them got light cycle confused and a couple actually started flowering.

I planted a mix of regular and feminized. photoperiod beans. The feminized plants were much more likely to get light cycle confused, and next time I will wait to put them out until early May when I start them indoors. The regulars went out about a week later and I did genetic testing to determine sex.

Most of the plants have been topped at the 8th node, and I have already started super cropping.

Three 200 gallon bags with 2 plants per, and a 65 gallon. Only one plant in the back started flowering in this group, a feminized one that went out earlier. The rest are all vegetatively growing thankfully.

Light cycle confused section below. The little tiny one was left in nursery bag, and I just transplanted into 100 gallon container with other Dos Si Dos a couple days ago. There’s a Sugar Black Rose, an 11 Roses as well. It’s my 1st time growing plants that will re/veg. I pollinated the 2 budding ones with a regular male to experiment.

One more plant in 30 gallon bag on furniture dolly here:

@Budbrother @HippieRunner1 @Myfriendis410

I am most grateful to grow Mary Jane!


Looking lovely as always. That’s wild to me that you can toss them outside even in May. Fantastic work.
Super excited to be watching along side this year. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from one another again. Lol
I sure do love me a big bush.


Thank you @HippieRunner1

We shall have some big Mary Jane bushes happening here :slot_machine::dash::partying_face:

Welcome aboard!


Thanks fur the tag @Big123

I see the male out there. You planing on isolating and collecting pollen for this experiment?


Thank you @Budbrother

Here is the male, I have harvested it already, Wednesday’s Child, I kept it going in nursery bag. No male plants out there now.

I have been hitting a few buds at a time, some seeds already growing out there. I am unsure if they will finish developing properly before they start re-vegging. I thought I would have some fun.

I pollinated all the plants with enough flower clusters, the miniature Dos Si Dos, Sugar Black Rose from a few nights ago below, a Critical Mass, and an 11 Roses.


Once the deed is done they will see it through. Double veg doesn’t matter there. The will to survive and pass on their genetics will always win out. You’ll have them falling into your pots before they start to re flowers. Keep an eye out for the seed pod color to fade. This will alert you to their oncoming drop. When the first few begin to separate at the top slightly, showing you marbled seed inside, best to pop em off.


Good to know, I’ve heard it takes about 5 weeks, thank you @Budbrother

The ILGM Critical Mass that’s flowering smells really good.

I also have one going at a my father in law’s that did not start all out flowering. I am excited to grow and try :dash: this strain.

I have another little one going from an all outdoors germination on 4/30/22 New Moon in Taurus :taurus: drop that I may give to a friend or re-home.


I know summer’s coming when I get a notice of your next grow haha!


Thank you @Myfriendis410

These ladies are coming along…


Looks great!

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Beautiful girls

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Thank you @HippieRunner1 @SilvaBack203

I am most grateful, it’s going to get bushy out there :slot_machine::peace_symbol:


I spent some Zen time tying out branches this morning, more to do.

Wishing you all the best :slot_machine:

Thank you for visiting :dash:


They r taking off its a full time job now bud

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Thank you buddy @SilvaBack203

It’s a labor of love :heart:

I am most grateful :dash::peace_symbol:


Real beautiful they gonna be huge


@Big123 how long will them ladies veg for?


@Dforce perhaps another 7-8 weeks by mid to late July. I plan to train them wide, and net them down to keep under fence height :dash:


Can’t wait to see how big they get. :sunglasses: :money_mouth_face: going to be monsters. Mine don’t start to flower till mid August that why I asked, I was picturing them giant plants :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree: / :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree: lol, if they went that long. Good luck.


Ladybug drop complete, I released them this evening and they went right to work :slot_machine:

I took this one earlier today.

I am most grateful :peace_symbol: