Lumens and temp for autoflower


A question from a fellow grower:

Real quickly, how much light (roughly in Lumens) do autoflower plants require if I were to get them started now? Can I use the new LED ‘daylight’ lightbulbs? I anticipate about 16 or more hours of light per day. Whats the minimum temp that they’ll grow?


Temperature depends on strain. Every strain will react differently too different temps, and i wanna say roughly around 8-10,000 lumens minimal, and well the more the marrier lol


less light equals airy buds


So does to much temperature fluctuations


really just treat as any other -keep it simple - to add what other said.

formula for lumen amounts in grow space - LxW = ? then ? x’s 2,000 = ? needed for your space


Do we use Inches in the LxW formula ?


Usually it’s in inches yes


Or you can go with the watts per sqft math 40-50 watts sqft for flower


lets say you have a 4 ft by 4 ft grow space - 4x4=16 then 16 x’x 2,000=32,000 lumens needed for proper lighting (takes’ 2,000 lumen to cover 1 square foot . Or you can figure by watts (40 watts to cover 1 square ft) 4x4=16 the 16 x’s 40 = 560 watts needed as what “Donaldj” said


It’s easier to do what you and @steve2 are talking about shortcuts the math and also saves half the work great job, @steve2 great job to you as well