Lumatek Zues 465 led

Anyone able to give any hanging heights for these lights doesn’t even come with a guide and im new to LED

I looked at the spec sheet that can be downloaded from the site. I would use the hanging height that corresponds with the desired PPFD based on growth stage
I would consider these to be for late veg & first 5-6 weeks of flower

30cm is pretty intense at the center


Do you have the controller for dimming?
The chart beardless posted is US 12inches and 20. Without dimming that is closer than you will want for veg cycle.
The light uses LEDs from Lumileds and Osram. I’m not sure how those compare to Samsung as far as usable light VS heat.
When I put an unknown light in my grow I was too close @ 20 inches, even dimmed about 1/2 way.
I fried the plants and they used a lot more nutrients than before.
I would start at at least 24 inches and in a week you will know if you can drop it more.

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Lumileds was Phillips until about 5 years ago, they sold all but 20% of the business. I believe their flagship led is luxeon rebel, and is highly regarded. Osram has leds that will smoke Samsung in certain categories. Osram is an industry leader in led tech and specifically horticulture applications. Fluence bioengineering sports Osram gear, plenty good but not the most budget friendly.

The Zues 465 slightly on small side to flower a 4x4, but their lights seem to be a fairly good value.