Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

sign me up, do u take bitcoins ? #prayforlucy

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Certainly. Bitcoin, credit cards, certified check. Lucy would really like a jet.

what color ? :man_pilot:

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Day 8

Heating pad is off. All internal heat is now coming from the lights.
Neither of the two are doing much upward growth the last 18-24 hours, so they are likely doing a lot of down ward growth. I lot of people start their plants in cups, and my first grow, I started that way. The grow after that were autos and part of my absorbing growing at that time lead me not to start Autos in cups…so from then on, I just went right to the big pot. That also means I need to add a lot more water in the beginning so the plants have moisture when the roots get to it. I’m not against the idea at all. I just want plants to do their thing as naturally as they can.

Lucy Deucey


8:00pm Not much change

LD night pics

And L

I take the cover off from time to time…but since they’re still young it stays on most of the time. When I get a good set of leaves it will be gone.


Green. Definitely green. LOL

Set to watching!

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Day 9 Early

It’s a slow morning so I’ll just post from the tent. Eventually I’ll be up to about 7-8 gallons a week but as of now, it’s been just about a week and I have gone through my 1st gallon of R/O water. This next gallon I will likely add a milliliter or two of Botanicare Calmag

On a regular first check, I open up and see this…

The SmartPot is 10" to the top, and the light is 16" above that. I can control the power, so light height isn’t exactly important to me right now.
My girls are covered with clear cups. I usually have my temperature/humidity meter up but literally went dead a day ago, and I’m not getting batteries until later today. No biggie there.
I lightly blow on the stems to see if they are stiff or soggy. They spring right back…good. Technically Lucy Deucey is only 6.6 days old and Lucy is 24 hour older.

11:45 am

Lucy Deucey


Yes they are seedlings, but I’m just going to go on record as saying that Lucy Deucey’s colors look a little weird. That should clear up when I add my splash of Cal-Mag next watering.

They are just about old enough to start misting…which is good because I’m going to start leaving the tops off longer and longer. Last night they were off for 1.5 hours. Today I’m shooting for 4 hours. By day 12 the tops will likely be off permanently. I was going to talk about something else but I’m having a stoner moment. It’s early, I’ll be on later lol.

I breathe under em’ and give them a CO2 bath when they are in a similar situation to Ms Lucy…they gals like it the most :wind_face:


Actually I did that after that last post lol. Even if it’s just for good luck it’s not hurting! I was looking up CO2 systems and/or canisters and I just feel like my exhaust would suck it out as quickly as it’s created.

I am not convinced with the CO2 idea, it sounds like pot growing fetishism to me

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If you’re growing commercial you definitely want to control it. CO2 works but it’s more like a turbo boost for an environment that is otherwise maxed out. What I mean is, if you have the best lights and the best feed and the best temp/humidity and you just need a catalyst, CO2 is the key. My environment is no where near worth wasting it on.

But I can control a clear solo cup for 6 hours lol.

scroll down to CO2

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Im with you @James68 @EclecticJack I think if you have a small tent grow with ventilation, the air is being replaced so quickly that it would be difficult to keep the CO2 in the tent. Just my opinion.


Day 10

Last night I set the lights to R20,W50,B50 at 17" above the plants. Still using the clear solo cup as on and off cover. I looked at some photos from old grows and it looks like I’m right on track. None have as many photos as this grow so I’ll have a lot to look back on here. Here is the stat sheet on LSD:


Most of that info I take with a grain of salt. 700 grams indoors is under ideal conditions. 25% THC…not sure I’d ever hit that but everything I’ve grown has been better than street weed by far. We’ll try our the taste, flavor, and effect sometime around March 23rd.

Here are some morning pics



Good night Lucy. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.


That article has me thinking…If I only need a four hour saturation period, I could create a simple drip that I can let run, time the exhaust to go off for four hours at night. Drip kits are cheap on Amazon (typed in "iv drip set, I could try something in the future.

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Day 11

I think today has been pretty uneventful. A normal day in the tent has the humidity between 52% and 62%. Temperatures are about 82° during the day and 72° when the lights are off. The lights are only off for two hours a day at this point.

10:30 am


Amd then there’s my carbon filter. I need to take that down and roll it 50 times or so to try and extend its life. It’s handled four grows thus far so I want to get as much as I can out of it.


Go Lucy ! :seedling:


Couple mighty fine seedlings!!:seedling::seedling:

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Lucy Deucey is starting to feel like Jan Brady. She’s working hard and looking good and everyone is like “Lucy, Lucy, Lucy”


Lucy yn yr awyr gyda diemwntau…in Welsh :santa: