Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

The Prologue

Picture yourself in tent in a bedroom
With smart growing pots, and bright LED lights.
(If you didn’t get it, you won’t get it)

Hello again past, present and future growers and welcome to a full grow here in Tentlandia, I’ll be your guide …EclecticJack. I don’t know how to not make this boring so feel free to jump in and chat any time for any reason even if it’s not grow related. Today is December 5th and is actually Day 4.5 of the grow but I’ll get everything caught up with plenty of pictures lol! Getting my grow going is a lot more routine than coherently writing about it, but I do keep a digital journal elsewhere to for detailed note taking. So even if my posts are not real time, I’ll be able to keep it linear.

Before you go any further, mandatory smoke on that one. Snoop and I will wait….
(No cheating…)


This grow will be performed in a 4x4x6.5 Vivosun tent
Heating mat
Adjustable thermostat for said heating mat
Viparspectra 700W dimmable that runs about 330W at the wall.
6" 390CFM inline duct fan
6" carbon filter
6" clip desk fan
6" duct, like the kind on a dryer
R/O water
Dyna-Gro Nutrient line: Details later
Botanicare CalMag to supplement the RO water
Pet feeding syringe measuring Ml and 30cm of clear aquarium tubing
GH pH Up & Down
Pro Mix HP
pH meter, digital
TDS/PPM meter, digital
Cloth smart pots
8 or more ratchet straps
Missed items will be added later

We’re going to have a few special guests later in the grow. Unsulphured Molasses

will be making a return as well as last grows mystery guest, Colloidal Silver . As a refresher, Colloidal Silver is used to force a part of a feminized plant to turn male and produce pollen . Budget pending, we may bring in another special guest image.

Also this grow we’re going to try our hand at breeding with the pollen collected from Mama Mia last grow. If it works, the community can name it! Mama Mia + (That which we shall grow :wink: )

All of the techniques I use here have been gathered from the far corners of the internet combined into this one great big … pot. I’ve said it before: 30 growers will give you 30 different grow styles and in the end all that counts is that you have enough bud to make you happy.

With that being said, let’s begin the grow…by stepping in a time machine and going back to Saturday night….


Day 0. December 1 about 9:30 PM

This grow is going to be one single plant in a 5 gallon smart pot. My last grow was in 3 gallon pots and that did pretty good, IMHO. After looking at my seed porn collection, I settled on Barney’s Farm LSD

…and THAT’S why my grow is titled what it is. Now you know.

The seeds looked magified in the packaging so imagine my surprise when this little teeny tiny seed pops out. Calling this one Lucy because it sounds better than LSD I guess.

No biggie, that’s the roll of the dice. So off it goes on to its paper towel, which is on a plate, which is on a heating pad…which is supposed to be on a temperature sensor.

It wasn’t.

Dec 2 9:30 am. 12 hours later
All the water evaporated to the top of the dome and the paper towel was dry. Rookie mistake forgetting the sensor. The seed was showing nothing, so I figured it’s possible I cooked it, but not enough time passed so we’ll see. After checking the temperature, it was 100 F. That is a smidge too high. I set the temperature sensor under the mat and set the temp to 85 F.

Dec 2 9:30 pm. 12 hours later
I see no change in Lucy, so I drop Lucy Deucey,

and keep Lucy going.
…Then the magic begins

Dec 3, 9:40 PM
Lucy Deucey arrived in just 24 hours…and Lucy now shows signs of life AAAARRRGGGHHH (I only wanted one plant this grow.

Dec 4, 12:00 PM
Lucy is really deciding she doesn’t want to quit but Lucy Deucey is ready to go into ProMix…

-5 gallon pot filled. Check
-Use a marker to make the 3/4" hole and toothpicks to triangulate and point to the seed in case of death. Check.
-Water the hole. Check
-Perfect placement. Check
-Backfill with pinches of PM. Check
-User paper towel to drizzle pH’d water. check
-Cover to retain moisture. And, check.

Day 4, Dec 4 10:30 PM
Lucy will not give up, and I don’t have the heart to kill her…yet. Due to water and nutrient usage, I’m only doing one plant this grow…so I put her in a teeny pot.

The moral of the story is: Don’t give up on your seeds.


I always exhale deeply on my sprouters for about 30 sec’s before putting them 3/4" deep in soil…they seem to like a warm blanket of my CO 2 as I have not had a dud in years, plus we bond big time.


Likewise i always bond with my girls before i put them into the medium lol…thought i was the only one :+1:


I guess its a throwback ritual to a time when our ancestors started to cultivate crops, just like rolling dice ? :corn:


That’s a good idea. Can still exhale under the cup for a couple more days.

Day 5, today

Life begins…

Today 3:00 PM

Today 8:00 PM
The first week or so, I’m a helicopter parent.

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Congrats…me to i guess brand new helicopter in my tent to…seed went in dec1st

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its all about LOVE :green_heart:

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Loving your journal…Appears that your a good parent. Glad you had the heart to save Lucy, who knows she might be a record setter. Looking forward to your grow!


Poor Lucy in that teeny pot!.. She only needed time and a chance​:weary::joy::joy:…Great journal!!!

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Day 6

Not bad. Very happy to see progress. I have the AM and PM shots today
Lights have a Red/Blue/White setting. I have it set to 0/25%/0

Lucy Deucey on the left is doing just fine. I increased the light to about
Lucy on the right, nothing yet but I fully expect her to break through.
Lights increased to R0, W25%, B 25%

7:15 PM
I left the cup off for a about 2 hours to let air hit the stem. It let’s the stalk harden a bit.
Lucy is starting to pop through…but don’t get attached. I was serious when I said I was only growing one girl this run!


That’s a healthy start. I had a dog named Lucy in the sky with diamonds. When she died I got iher name tattooed on me. Thanks for the flooding good memories.:call_me_hand:t2:


There she is!!! Lucy has arrived!! She is beautiful, you HAVE to spare her.

Day 7
In reality, Lucy Deucey was started 6 days ago, but I’ve already told that story so for all intents and purposes this is day 7.

I have a dimmable light, and I’m running them at roughly 100watts.

Ya know what, let’s talk about the light for a minute. This is a Viparspectra Par 700 with dimmable control on the Red White and Blue spectrum. It draws about 330w from the wall and last grow I pulled in 225 grams. If I put this light on a mover (foreshadowing our mystery guest), I think I can get 330 grams per grow.
Yes, yes, yes…this is not the greatest in the world. But it’s not bad! I found this light before I found this forum and I’m sure I could have been pointed in a different direction. Even with that being said, I still think this light kicks tail.

All that being said, if I just blurt out my light is R0, W50, B50…I mean my Red is 0%, White is 50% and Blue you get it. <~~ This is one of those “Now You Know” moments.

LD, and L in their bio domes

And here is the original Lucy.

Good night Lucy. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.


Lucy puts a smile on my face :smile:

If you kill Lucy will there be a funeral ? :sob:

is this your light ?


LOL. Nah, there will likely not be a ceremony, I’m not one for nostalgia. One day, she just won’t be here. I’ll say this, I’ll give her a chance in that little pot, but I’m not mixing extra nutes for her. The plan was (still is) to see how much I can get out of a single plant.

And yes, that is the light.

If you can’t find it in your heart to give Lucy the love and attention that she needs perhaps she needs to be rehomed. Maybe she can be put up for adoption. Start a foundation in her name??


I’ll tell ya, I wish things were different. I would happily grow her to a certain point then hand her off. There’s a hydroponics store not to far so I am 99% sure there are hobbyists near me that would take her in a heartbeat. I could always dress her in a blanket and drop her off at the orphanage with a note LOL.



For the price of a cup of coffee a day…Lucy could have the nutrients she needs to be a happy healthy producer!
Just one cup a day…