Lsting my plants


Hi just wondering when the best time to start lsting my plants and when I tie them down do I keep them tied down for good or will the plant keep bent over itself


@Lukey91 if u lst by squashing/rubbing stems she will stay down to some degree all the tips will start reaching back towards the light after a few hours I prefer to use wire attatched to the pots and leave the wire in place just to open up the plant and let more light into the middle hope this helps


@Saffa thanks I’m going to use wire aswel do you just use the wire whilst in veg to get more light direct to other cola sights then take wire off in flower


I begin to lst once the plant is ready. I’ll start by working from the bottom up. I try to pull everything down and out to to to help those secondaries become mains if that makes sense. I will try to keep it as flat as possible so the side shoots grow straight thus begining mains themselves. Hope I didn’t confuse you.


Depends on how you LST. You can LST the whole plant like this…


However I don’t usually do it that way. I will top or FIM then wait for the main branch to split into two or more branches then gently pull those branches down and away from the center of the plant


@Saffa your describing super cropping not lst training FYI boyh at great techniques tho
I rarely lst myself but its a great way to control hieght and open up more of the plant @Lukey91
@TDubWilly thats a nice illustration you posted nice job buddy :+1:


Ty man :blush:!!!


I am very new to growing but I LST as @TDubWilly said he uses to create a bit of of bowl shape after topping that opens up the middle of the plant. I use soft ties to hold the branches down. Though it can be a bit nerve wracking - when I take my time it ends up being relaxing time with my plants. Right @Dieselgrower ?

Best of luck to you! Jeb


Yes when done slowly it’s almost like therapy. I enjoy every chance to get hands on the plants. I believe that’s why scrog will be my favorite.


Thanks guys very helpful once agen just topped so give them few days to recover nd grow a little then start with this :slight_smile::slight_smile:


So the plant stays bent over like this or is this just to allow others shoots to grow more then after than plant is pulled up right agen nd left to to flower thanks


here are a couple pictures from my last grow and lst @Lukey91 . When they are young (imo) they aren’t that fragile.


Nice stuff @Sasquatch :metal:


@Lukey91 My computer crashed and I lost later pictures of her. I found 1 more…
You would not believe the pressure this plant put on that piece of wood.


Looks great Carnt wait to try it myself :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I’m going to try another this year.


You can definitely be more aggressive when they are young @Sasquatch
@Lukey91 just remember to watch how tight yourtie downs get readjustment of tension will be needed as they grow or even repositioning them :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971 I had 1wide cloth tie down on this. Had to relocate it as it grew. The will these plants have to stand up is un real and they will put a lot of pressure on what ever is holding it down. Its cool stuff


Oh yeah i was talking to @Lukey91 i can see you have it covered @Sasquatch :wink:
Its very cool how they just want to go back to the sun
Im looking forward to getting back outdoors
I plan on a auto grow this spring
I have a bunch of them maybe 10 wwa started indoors lol ?


I’m waiting out the last of winter. Couple of weeks Ill be back in business! yummy
going to try hanging weight on limbs to pull them down and out to open them up some.