LST with Supercropping

Hey guys happy grows y’all.

 I'm using LST method . While I'm lsting can I supercroppe too ? If ı can ,when can I do it? And am I have to pruning on LST at next weeks ?

Guys I have one more question.When doin lst when I top the plant ? Can you desribe step by step lst with topping to me?

There are tons of videos on YouTube on topping , LST training , but what exactly you wanting to learn ?

I watched all of them but i wonder that while lsting when to top the plant i couldn t find it on the videos

You do know what a node is right ,most people top after the third node , which is where the 5 leaves leaf grow out , than after its topped and starts to grow its new set of nodes sites , you trim all the leaves underneath where you topped it at and leave all the new leaves and the leaves that on the node where topped , make sense ? Once that’s done your plant will start 2 new tops which will be cola and budfing sites later .