LST with simple thread

Can i use simple sewing thread to train my plant? Just worried as it grows the thin thread will cut the stems.

You probably could but like you said it might cut the stem I would use pipe cleaners before thread


No, don’t use thread, it will indeed cut through the stems. Use a heavy twine, or as said, pipe cleaners work great.


Thank u… I will be LST’ing another night. Lol

Hi @Rev, definately a no no on the cotton. As @raustin has stated it will cut into the stem. you could use a pipe cleaner to make a loop and tie off to that. I use a green plastic coated garden twine. Also remember to make the loop around the branch very loose so that it doe not impede the flow of nutrients/water as the branch grows in thickness.


As mentioned by all the helpful peeps above, don’t use thread, it will cut through the branch as it grows, I use plastic zip ties and they work great through the entire grow cycle since you can get them in multiple sizes and if you use bamboo stakes, they will grow up the stake with the plant. Easy to cut and can reuse them once in awhile.

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I use this and has lasted through three grows so far


Still waiting for my sprouts to germinate its been nearly 2 days,is it ok to rewater the seed cups?