Lst when and how / better then topping

Hello everyone I want to thank all of you that took the time to share your experience and knowledge with me well I need to tap into some more your sources number one low-stress training versus topping/autoflowers do top or dont top .and at Wich age ??

I would probably shy away from topping autos, because you don’t have the option of letting them veg longer to recover. I did LST and HST on the one I have flowering now and stunted the hell out of her. She’ll still do okay for her size, but her size is “bonsai”.

What is HST? And how old is ur plant when I start training

do my plants look good for being germinating them on 7/4 I put them in soil they broke through the soil I would say 7/9

HST is high stress training. Topping, lollypopping, and removal of significant/multiple limbs/nodes would all fall under HST. I started the one I have going now at about 4 weeks I think. I was planning to train her in a circle, but she started flowering before I even got to semicircle. lol

Looks about right for 3 weeks.

This is where I started posting about Trixie.

Back in early 2000 they called binding of I spelled it right I was thinking of that but what I have seen everyone is just bending the plant an I don’t know how it works how old r this

The plants in ouc

these first two got damaged when they were seedlings I didn’t even think they were going to make it the other 3 are autos I gemed them on 7/12 so say they got poted on the 7/18 n I’ve been using 2 t8 fluorescent light fixtures I screw two of them together and I hang it like almost touching them we’re playing it’s almost touching the plants that’s how close I have it it’s not hot

these are the autoflowers I have under the t8 light bulbs

Fluorescent lights are ok for germination, but once you are sure they are established you need to bump up the lights. Lots of threads on what to buy and what NOT to buy for lights so I’m not going to try to convince you to do what I do, but I recently started my third autoflower grow of the summer. Eleven plants so far, and all but two started flowering before the fifth week from starting my soak of the seeds.

I have three blueberry autos that I started soaking on July 1st so they are about the same age as yours. I keep experimenting with germination and this last time my method slowed things down, but one of my three has already started flowering, is at least 14 inches tall and has plenty of branching. I’ll take a picture when the light comes on. I’ll move them outdoors when the three I have growing outside are done in a couple more weeks.

I started soaking seeds for these three on May 22nd. They are between 28 and 32 inches tall and main cola is nearly half that height.

For me, autoflowers are to be grown outdoors because I prefer using my limited resources to flower photoperiod plants. With photoperiod plants you have time to top and fim and scrogg and anything else you want to do to increase production since you have control of when to start flowering. I cloned this Goldleaf on May 22nd and flipped the lights 14 days ago to begin flowering after topping and lots of scrogging. It will take four-six weeks longer then the autoflowers, but the difference in harvest should be substantially more.