LST twelve hour update

I was so worried after I did it because the plants looked all messed up and in disarray. I can’t believe this is only the next morning and the leaves turned right side up and ot appears to have loved being bent over…


Agree. They are usually very strong plants. Even the supercropped one came through with flying colors

I did the lowest row and they chased the light in a matter of hours lol. Since these pics I’ve also done the second row and went and repulled the first row even lower. These plants are super resilient!!


Nice! Im thinking the same. Im just gonna keep pulling em down until it fills out the tent. I think I’ll throw a scrog net on em at that point at canopy level and second one higher up for the tops and send em into flower. Btw… Do you use a sulphur burner to prevent PM?

Nice work @Farmer189! It’s amazing how fast they bounce back. You’ve actually now increased their canopy size mechanically. It really helps them get going faster. :+1:

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Looking good @Farmer189. :+1: happy growing super resilient. I jusy thru mine under a scrog yesterday lights come on soon. Have great day!!