LST training first go

Hi guys, my two autos are about 5 weeks old now. They were getting some height to them so I did some LST training for the first time. Wasn’t too sure which node to go from but I tied them with garden string & bamboo and it looked like this

This is the outcome a few days later, do they look ok? Should I do more later?

Happy smoking!


The plant is looking great!

Normally low stress training technique the plant remains tied up. If not the plant will straightened back up. Part of lst is to making sure the lower branches get more sun exposure.

Autos tend to be very sensitive to mistakes. In my limited experience with autos I find it’s best to let them do their thing. That’s when I had the best results.


Thank you @shindig153. I am new to growing and have been reading as many posts as I can about growing and LST. The consensus seems to be mixed when it comes to autos. I feel that I have heard more say to let them do their thing.

I was thinking about training the 3-week olds which are looking very nice, but have decided to let them do their thing as this is my first go around. I am learning so much. Perhaps next time I can try some of these techniques for higher yields.


@shindig153 thanks mate, and note taken about letting them do their thing. My blue mango auto has just started to flower and was considering doing LST on her (my greenhouse is only a metre high) but I’ll leave it!

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Yea. Leave flowering gals be.

On the lst, as stated. Keep training her top horizontally, itll allow ur sode shoots to catch up and ull have 5 tops before u know it!

Lookin good btw


Feel free to join in on my new journal. Im currently trying to learn and apply some different training techniques. Figure by now you got it! Looks good what you had back then. Healthy. Happy growing! Oh and ive actually drilled holes in edge of pots for training wire/string etc.

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You too of course @PurpNGold74. If I have not tagged you! Sorry. Lots o people on here ID like to have on board to help and critique.

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1000 posts behind hahaha. Gonna take me sometime. I may even have to summarize :roll_eyes::rofl:

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I just started a new journal so…

Wrong thread haha my bad. Lemme try again

Just don’t tie it too tight the stem will keep growing

Hi @pr Sure would be happy to look at it. Do you have a link? I haven’t applied LST training this year as I’ve only been able to grow guerilla and few have died. Had some great growing conditions last year. What’s on the menu for you this year?

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Ill post an update later indoors and out. Will tag ya !

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