LST starting scrog topping

These plants are bout 3 weeks old unknown strain and sex testing til order comes in…? Is it to early to top them

4th node works best for me

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If you are unsure if these are female or male plants, I personally would not waste time topping it until you are sure it is female. Even fem seeds can turn out male (doesn’t happen much unless you stress them) and no sense in wasting time on a plant you do not want. Get a look at the flowers first before topping. You can put the plant into flowering and look at the flowers, if they are female then they are worth saving. If you are topping are you really doing LST? Low Stress Training (LST) is done by bending and tying the branches, not cutting them.

That being said, if you are really going to top the plant (as in Mainlining) best to use the 5-6 nodes and cut back one node. Hope this helps Jerry

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Thks for input I want to use the LST method to setup for scrog I have 2 og kush female the other I had planned on vegging and training until sex is determined by then order will be here or can get some clones from the og and add to scrog if nothing else I want to learn LST topping and tying down to grow horizontal

Look at You-Tube for some great clips on what to do. Explains LST and several other methods of training your plants. Jerry

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Ok thks been chkin the tube and other site on LST should I Transplant to permanent pot before training topping trying down etc.

@iceberg i top my plants before i tranplant to final pot than i start to lst them as they grow tie down etc.

Ok cool wasn’t sure will give them another week thks for quick response