LST: should I chill?

I’m just wondering at what point I should chill out on the LST. I am thankful for you folks who posted pics of yours and recommended doing so because now GG is in fine bushy form. I think there are one or two more places I could train but I don’t want to stress her out since she’s got some mites currently. Thoughts?

Also, I think it was @PurpNGold74 who told me to roll the tops gently between my fingers. What does that do? I did that and my fingers smelled wonderful but…? What do I do?


You want to warm it up rolling, then press in to crush it. This is called supercropping. It gently folds over and the top will grow facing upwards.

Less Low Stress and closer to High Stress Training. But its a very simple non dangerous (unless ur fingers are sharp as mine) procedure and in my experience does nothing but help.

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Also a great way to smell early terps as you so pleasantly discovers

Finally I supercrop from as early as possible, as often as needed, until 2-3 week of actual flower. So maybe 4-6 weeks after lights flipped. Some plants are more pliable and trainable and can catch a later supercrop. Some are tough as treebark and it take 30 minutes to tenderize for the process… or u accidentally snip a top lmao


Awesome! Thank you for telling me what it’s called. I’m more of a visual learner and I don’t want to do it wrong so I’ll look up videos as well.

I understand about sharp fingers LOL. But fake nails legit come in handy when removing an unnecessary leaf or two :rofl: :nail_care: