LST, SCROG, and Top?

Hey All,

I am in week 1 of my grow, and I have a question.

Can you Top, LST, and SCROG? Do you top first, then LST? Is this too much stress for a plant?

Thanks guys!!

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If you did all of that to your plants right now, yes they would probably go into shock and die. I’d let them get a little bit bigger first.


F*ck!! lol I probably should have mentioned that. I do NOT plan on trying these training methods right now. I will be doing these later down the road.

I was just thinking in the future, and wasn’t sure if all three would be ok, and what order. LST or Topping first.

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Yeah I knew that, :grin:

I do all of the above, once they’re a little bigger. :wink: Topping is the beginning of my LST, and the scrog is sort of the culmination.


Thanks boss!

Wait about another 4 - 6 weeks !

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The only thing is: don’t try this with autoflowering plants.

As to what to do, when: kind of depends on your grow space and what you expect from a plant (do you like large or small plants for example). I try for a plant around 30" tall but trained out or SCROG’ed. If you top too soon you won’t have access to the pot for watering. If too tall you could run out of ceiling height. For me around 10" tall I’ll do a FIM cut; hoping for 4 tops instead of two with topping.

Also; look at the technique called ‘Supercropping’. That’s one tool that you will want in your toolbox of skills.


There are a number of tutorials on this site as well: I’d suggest looking at them.


Theres alot of different opinions on whether or not to top auto flowers or to fim autos theres alot of people that do top there autos and some people even super crop there autos its not a common practice for alot of people they mainly do it to photoperiod plants because of the longer veg time you have with photoperiod plants ,me personally i lst train my autos and i fim my autos its like topping but u dont take off the top since i did this fimming to my autos i have over 18 main colas on my auto will i do this again hell yes i will be fimming my autos all the time .so yes it you can top and lst and scrog ur autos it comes down to personal preference but like i said its not a common practice to do so with autos .go and have a look at a YouTube for bill ward he tops his autos and clones them its very interesting

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The seedlings are stretching a lot - too much. They are searching for more light.


With @beardless on stretching, lower your light and adjust the intensity :love_you_gesture:


I agree. I was following this chart with my SF1000s.

I’ve increased the power to 80% at 24 inches. Let’s see if that helps.

Also, I’m growing two strains. JH Auto, and WW photo.

All I am doing with the autos is LST that’s it :slight_smile:

I think I am going to run an experiment. I’m going to top two WW and not top the other two, and see what happens.

Thanks for all the responses guys!

As a visual learner this helps a lot! Adding it to my cheat sheets lol.

I have not grown many autos but I have grown both Jack Herer and White Widow.
When you transplant bury them a little deeper and they will be fine.


Roger that! I don’t plan on transferring the JH autos. They are in their 3g forever homes :slight_smile:

Do you recommend the WW to go from Nursery pots, 1g, and then 5g, or just go right to the 5g after the nursery pots? Ive read mixed thoughts on potting up.


And all of those who do say not to try it as a beginner. That’s why I said that.


I totally agree i wouldnt do any topping or scrogging if it was a beginner

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