LST questions and not sure if male or female

day 43 of veg finally got watering better. I did LET on one W.W. in FFOF a week ago and to day I did the other when should I put into flower?

does anyone think number three is a male?

Nope does not seem to be showing either male nor female , just a healthy plant
As far as fipping to flower let some indoor growers chime in


@bgnrww we’ll need a closer shot of the canopy to tell. She may not show just yet.
Thanks for the tag @Growit

![152143433964129907342|374x500](upload://28MIpKUe0QuaouE2un6oJYPf8rA.jpg 12 and 13 inches tall

does anyone know what those spots are?

@bgnrww make sure you use the @ symbol in front of their name. That way we get notified. Is it possible you sprayed a nutrient solution on hour leaves by accident? Or foliar feeding? What is your current nutrient schedule?

I’m with @Growit , too soon to tell if its M or F

using FFOF. so right now no nutes

Carefully check under every leaf and stem. Could be pest damage…

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