LST Question ( I know not really advanced but no beginner technique category)

Hello everyone just wanted some opinions on how my LST looks? Been correcting everyday or so and not defoliating since it’s my first grow and they are autos and I’m trying to do little as possible. 2 of them I am LST and 1 I am leaving alone. They are a few days shy of a month out of soil and I’ve been training for probably 10 days give or take. On the group photo obviously the 2 on right are the LStd and one on left is left alone.
On a side note crazy how different my phenomes are between these plants. 2 look identical and 1 crazy different.


Right now I’d have a good fan blowing on them 24/7 when she starts flowering I’d trim the bottom 20% or so and make sure your bud sites are ooen to get plenty of light… just my opinion

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32 day old super skunk auto I’ve been training… just an example

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Mine have an insane amount of leaves though I was afraid of stressing it out being an auto. I tucked what I could but I would have to cut probably 30 leaves on each plant lol. They are huge massive leaves, I can turn my fan up, I have it Pointe djust above lightly blowing on them, wasn’t sure if they could get too much wind.

Yes in a way they can but I put mine blowing in the bottom part let it come up through the canopy but it probably wouldn’t hurt to trim some of those bottom big sucker leaves off just the important ones that’s blocking Bud site you know the old saying a little snip here a little snip there makes a world of difference…

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It looks good but u will have to do some defoliation soon u need to open up the centre to allow more airflow and light penetration

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Do I just cut the leaves flush along the branch they are coming out of?