LST Question during transition

Good day folks, hope everyone is awesome and had a great weekend!

I am nearing the flip and was curious what folks do when they have applied LST tactics such as tying down branches to evenly distribute the canopy? Do you leave the ties on, or do you take them off to allow for the stretch?

My concern taking them off is that they might stretch back toward the center of the plant, rather than staying on the perimeter of the pot because they are tied down.

Hope this makes sense its early on Monday :slight_smile:

I leave the ties on… eventually you can remove them once the stem has hardened into place. They will stretch even if tied down

Sometimes that can be well into flower.


Makes sense, thank you :slight_smile:

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I leave the ties on, but the truth is that they aren’t needed past the first 3 or so weeks of flowering. By then everything I’ve bent is pretty much rigid and fixed in place. That’s been the case my first four times using LST, with four different strains.


I leave them tied down until after the flowering stretch.


Leave the ties on. I always do. End up looking like this.


I like to leave them tied down. I feel like when you un-tie them the branches tend to cluster back towards the middle. Blocking some of the light penetration.

Im not to sure what one would gain by removing them.

Happy growing…

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