LST Question Am I Even Doing This Right?

So am I doing this correctly? First time training.

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Yup. Time em down, let them recover, tie down somemore, recover, more tying.

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Yep looks good!

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Probably can’t tell but i tied from the main stem.

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What size are the pots?
I am seeing some deficiencies. Leaf tips, yellowing, and lighter inter vein areas of some leaves.

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1 gal. Been watering with Cal-Mag for that very reason.

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Almost time for bigger pots.

And have u been adjusting the pH of ur nutrient solution before adding to soil?

The cal mag? Other than that they get bubbled water.

Yes. Say u have a gallon of water at 6.5
Add a tsp of calmag and itll drop around 5. U cant pour that on soil or ur throwing ur pH for a loop.
U have to adjust ur calmag oriented solution back into range.

Also u dont want to be tweaking up and down. Slowly and surely is the way to go.

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I have a PH/PPM/TDS meter but it reads my tap water at an extremely high PH so Idk if it works.

I just transplanted them a week ago.

Also my supersoil will be ready in about a week for final transplant

Tapwater is usually around 9 here. So dont take that as horrible

Could I wait until the end of next week and transplant then?

My tap just registered at 279 PPM

Lmfao I shouldnt do stuff while high. Its doesnt even read PH…

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Ewe! Thats not good :frowning:

do you have calibration solution for your ph pen?
Once you add all your nutritional goodies and mix thoroughly, really thoroughly, then you test the ph and adjust to desired range. Once you think you have it dialled, swish it around a tad more and test one last time. If all is swell… feed me Seymore! Oh yeah always have a target EC too, dont just go by what the bottle, or some recipe says, your water may be 200 ppm? Then uou add more food and you are way too strong. So have an EC or PPM target, hit that number or close to it, check ph and adjust if required.

Although you are asking about LST, you are getting a primer on ph. The lesson continues because it is critical to growing success (I learned this the hard way).
I use Fox Farm nutrient trio. Here are the ph / EC readings as each component is added

To this solution I add ph up or down depending on what my target ph and EC/ppm is
The solution’s ph after all the nutrients are added is 5.94. My target ph is 6.5. So I add small amounts (ml) of ph up until I reach my target (or close to it). Here are those readings as I adjust ph up
Hope this helps.

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You should of waited to transplant And just did it one time, imho. The more stress she is under the longer the recovery.