LST/prunning recomendations

These plants got big on me!

Should i cut off any lower branches??

Just topped them…

How do i lst properly and what do i look for when doing so???

Thx so much people

I wouldn’t cut off any lower branches just yet
You can start lst soon simply start tying some of your branches down with landscape wire
The goal is to get them to grow out rather than up


Plus I noticed how close together they are it may be difficult to try and train them that way as they look pretty young still and have a ways to go
If it were me I would stay at topping them as you did and let them do thier thing

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Great reply.


While youre at it. How does the top look?


Yea novice grower, planted them a foot and a half apart

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You can start removing some of the lower growth once you see how they are growing in and go from there

Should i do a sea of green?


What about supercropping?

No worries my friend they will be fine
You are on track for two healthy plants
You could always try for a two plant scrog out side and train the plants to either side of the scrog net

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I love super cropping
I was not going to suggest it as many of us newbs are a lil apprehensive about it but I love pinching and snapping

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That sounds awesome lol! Although i have no idea how to do it! Time to look it up

Yea it can be a lil work but looks like you are pretty handy and could pull it off
It would probably be the way to go because of how close together they are
I like to super crop and then later take off a few lower branches then lolie pop the branches to cut down on the tiny pop corn buds
Nothing wrong with lil buds it all smokes the same but if you trim all that off it sends energy to the ends of the branch making for healthy sized nugs and colas

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If you have anymore questions or anything just let me know and if I do not have answers for ya we can tag in some more experienced grower to help you on this adventure

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how long should i wait until super cropping?

and why would there be little buds? and trim what off

If you plan on going full grow outside, I’d let them be. Nature designed them perfectly

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Nature designed them great- especially when theyre in ground and not a pot

You can start now with supper cropping

Super cropped gold leaf in veg


Sorry don’t know why the photos uploaded out of succession but I started her early

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do you recommend a Mycorrhizal?

im starting 5 autoflowers this weekend?


plants look great!

do you have any good tutorials on supercropping online or any tips?


Yes it’s good stuff
I have not used it yet but I put it in my super soil and will be using it in my teas this grow
On the supper cropping I don’t but there are a bunch of stuff on you tube and there maybe a thread on it here let me look and I will tag you in
I love it though and used this technique on all of my plants

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