LST. Ok for autos or leave them autos alone?

Just wondering what others think about LST for autos. Can/should it be done to autos? Or just leave the auto to do it’s thing?

If you have experience with doing it on regular girls then I would recommend trying to out with autos. Ive seen crazy yields from auto flowers on YouTube, this one guy dr.autoflower adventures. It’s funny too because I started watching his videos for the fact that he grows auto flowers, but then I saw he long boards too and has some awesome videos of long boarding as well. Check it out though!


I just jumped out of this Forum for the last hour or so and checked out Dr. Auto Flower Adventures on you tube, Very informative, lots of good stuff. I would highly recommend to beginners to check this out if interested in growing Autos.


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I’ve read that this can be a fine technique for increasing yield with autos. I’m a 4-5 weeks into my 2nd auto grow and I’ve been doing LST for the last 2 weeks now. Plants seem to be doing fine with it,and I’m looking forward to comparing final yield of this grow to the yield of my first grow (where I did not do any LST).


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