LST my plant won’t listen

I seen on YouTube this guy use a piece of string bend the plant over and just use a clamp to do his LST. I have tried this method however my plants are very stubborn and within a few hours I find them popped back up again. How can I stop them popping back up? They don’t want to listen. :joy::joy:

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Have to tie it down more securely. Use the edge
Of a pot, weight, just about anything.


The LST clips would also be a good option.


I use small binder clips that I purchased in 25 count packages.


Good afternoon @Wyldepurplewizard
Do you have any pictures? Are you referring to the end of the branch that you tied does turning back up?
Happy Growing :blush::v:


I just recently bought my girl some bonsai wire shes putting to use with her beginning learner plant and I use the LST clips off Amazon


It’s amazing how quickly a bent branch will start to grow back up towards the light. I just add more tie-downs and wait for it to do it again. If your tie-downs aren’t secure enough the plant will straighten back up completely like it never happened.


I have a woody teen tied down with yarn and binder clips. I have some cool adjustable LST thingies I bought on eBay coming soon.

Use soft training wire to hold them down poke a hole in yah pot wrap soft training wire around the the branch and then poke the wire through the hole and tie it off or u can get lst clips

I did get the LST clips and their seemingly doing well.

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That’s great keep us posted maybe a picture along the way. Happy growing !

Here’s an example of using bonsai wire and binding clips.


I started week 4. I thought was plenty early but too late to do how you are doing it. I am using the LST clips now I have leaves growing on top of leaves. Also I have a few massive fan leaves that are sucking up light from the underbrush. I don’t think I should chop them because their attached to not normal leaf stems but giant celery sticks. Their bigger then the main stem.

On my photo, I want ahead and chopped the largest three leaves because it has time to recover.

On my autos, I tied some large fan leaves out of the way because I couldn’t keep them from shading undergrowth and didn’t want to risk stunting them.

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I’ve really beat the heck out of the plants and they never show any bad effects. With an auto before I did LST. I literally chopped off 6 inches because it was too big and in the middle of flower I chopped down a foot and a half and it didn’t bother the plant. This other plant I literally dropped it 3 feet and it fell sideways it did damage a stem but the plant is very young so it seems to be not a problem. I am somewhat rough bending using the LST and the plants seem uneffected. These plants are strong.