LST my Autoflowers

It’s about 5wks from germination and most are in 3rd wk of flower. The N.L. auto is about 10 days behind the rest. 5 strains. Four indica dominate 1 Sativa dominate strain. 3 of the Kush are certainly hurtin’ lol. I fed the girll, they won’t reach their potential but their sister will. Three of the others are showing mild signs of what appears to be cal/mag related. These are grown in organic mixes with various types of media for comparison. Seeds were free so I thought it be a good time try something new.



give them lots of gentle fan wind…:nerd_face:

Oh yeah for sure brother. I got 2 5” fans helping pull heat from the full specs plus 2 8” exhaust fans above door and 2 16” oscillating fans, one on floor one at 4’. I also piped in A/C from the floor vent in the other room using a dryer vent hose which, I pipe in directly behind a fan and let it distribute it. The day temp 82 the night temps 62-64. I noticed if I go below say 58deg the plants will change to all sorts of colors especially purple

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Amigo, sounds like you got the wind thang all sorted out. :herb:
and so all of these Japanese food scientists were trying to grow rice under artificial conditions under ground and they could not get the rice to maturity and the rice kernels were puny…one of the tech-bio guys invited a senior ex rice farmer to cast his eye over the operation and after 5 minutes said one word in Japanese ‘Kaze’; Wind, and they introduced fans and the rice grew to maturity and produced good quality rice…I think I got that from Nat Geo mag in the 90’s…did the quake get to you ?

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No no effects here. We have had numerous tremors here in mid atl state of over the past few years. Never in 50 yrs prior but frequent now. I’m sure it has nothing to do with haarp geoengineering “chemtrails” G5 Gwen towers and the like, absolutlely no way could it be those RF and scalar wave emitting machines impossible it’s all just natural and just my imagination

you are right, its probably just your imagination…here we live above a myriad of deep level disused welsh coal mines that were not in any way mapped and now the govt. think its a shit hot idea to greenlight fracking…I personally think if I run a bit of hydro down underground i would would have a far out grow room…but anything below the surface belongs to Her Majesty the Queen…life is unfair :man_farmer:

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Lol Oh yeah I forgot the fracking. Oh right the self proclaimed genetically superior monarchy and the brotherhood. So your hailing from Wales ? That’s quite the place with a history of ufo paranormal etc as well as a rich history Cael diwrnod da or Noswaith Da ? Think that’s right

Wales is without doubt an alien outpost that’s for sure, the old space time continuum grinds along at its own magic pace here .

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That’s a good one lol for sure

I’m trying brother. I learned about the need for circulation the hard way. Just like the Japanese farmers. I was quite ignorant and arrogant in my beginnings. Confidence is great however,mixed with an arrogant ignorance it’s downright dangerous and that’s me in the beginning. I believed that I’ve smoked it for a long long time and these buds the guys brag about are nothing new just the sinsimelia we smoked. I just needed to plant some seeds as, I would maters’ squash and the like , water and watch ha was I wrong and Wow! Did I ever disappoint myself lol. I’ve had about 2 1/2 yrs since to get my mind on the right track. I’ve read and learned just enough to sound good at times but not enough to say I know enough to be a great grower. Im learning daily and I take it all in. I do hope that one day I can produce premium smoke with no issues, that’s when I’ll be happy with my grow. I’m really enjoying growing for myself. I tell no one and if I share it’s always a small amount that I got from “another friend”.

Finally getting color back into 3 of the 4 Kush. It’s been 24 hrs since I flushed them and then gave them another dose of 3-3-1 and cal/mag. They were nitrogen deficient then went into a total nute lockout. Flush water was 7.7. My nute water was 6.43. Flush water is now 6.6. I’m not sure how the high alkalinity occurred. Any ideas anyone ? I use stream water for regular watering it’s ph is 6.4. I use our rain water when I nute them because the rain water ph’s at 8.8 and adding nutes brings it down to 6.1 I then add about a qtr tsp of baking soda to raise it to 6.4-6.5 knowing the soda can cause problems. You think it could be the alkaline rain water ? Wonder why those plants were only ones effected ?

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Throwing this out there, don’t know if it has any real significance but have you checked the TDS of your rainwater? As a test, pull a sample from your stream and one from rainwater.

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Great idea. Thanks Im going to order that tool today. Any suggestions on that ?

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a growing tip I got from a veteran grower back in '73 is to always plant by the moon, I put my ungerminated seeds directly into room temperature soil 2 days before a full moon and I have never had a non sprouter in years or a bad smoke, the ancients always planted by a lunar calendar here in Britain.

Its a lunar magnetic deity thing the govt. hasn’t yet figured out a way to tax those moon beams lapping over my leaves and buds …I intend to do a Moon Blog when i kick off the season next vernal solstice on Mar 20, 21:58 if I survive BREXIT and or the upcoming winter.
Happy Trails to you in the west

is it legal to grow where you are ?

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Yes I too have started planting by lunar phase. Your exactly right it was always the moon until Marduk’s play on power and switched is from megalithic math and sexagismal system to a base 10 system and the count of the Sun instead of lunar cycles. My avatar name says it all. Legal to grow here ? Well now that’s certainly debatable. Here you must pay a Cannabis tax before growing or possessing however that law is 200 yrs old and refers to hemp production but our leaders are no less devious than yours and find a way to attach that bulshit to ppl and to put addl felony charges on ppl who fail to pay that tax for simple possession ( misdeameanor) or growing it. It seems our leaders can twist anything for their own greed. They are also stupid :$@((:slight_smile: because who in the ? Is going to go to the court house and say I’m growing weed and I want to pay my tax before y’all bust me. Smh

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Another week and a couple more pics. I think they responded fairly well to the LST for speed buds. 4 strains ? Or 5 ? Lol I’ll have to read the labels to figure that out smh. They mature from seed from 55-60 days up to 75-80 days with with breeders est of 30-90 grams ea. I’ve got nearly all colas up freely facing the light. I let one of these ( its an amnesia haze auto strain) just grow no LST no pruning nothing but water and light to compare with her 3 sisters which I did LST. I think they’ve done really well for the time of grow and I’m sure I’ll get 6ozs+ from one speed Kush plant ( abt 5wks worth for me) which breeders max est is 90gr. I’m continuing to stress the N L auto as she enters her 5th day of flower. All her colas are even at 27”H X 22”W.

image image image


Oh the cal/mag deficiency I thought I had at 5wks? It wasn’t cal/mag it was a nitrogen deficiency which led to some combined issues. Fixed now still a little lime green but coming back in time to produce a little more than the breeders est. I think any auto, speed auto etc will benefit from LST as to yield. These are organic soil , my first org mix. I’m a soil man. It’s my humble opinion that plants do better develop larger root systems and taste better and color is denser when properly grown in soil vs a hydro system. Started at 24 light then 20hrs light at first sign of flower. I’ve done 12/12 with autos and imho yield suffers greatly.

My conclusions on LST of speed bud auto’s. First let me say I LST all my plants and normal auto’s that veg 4-6 wks before flowering and provide min of 18hrs a day far exceed the breeders est on yield. This was an experiment to see if it’s beneficial to LST speed bud auto’s ( seed to harvest in 55-65 days). The Northern lights auto is still flowering and will yield abt 8-10 dried ozs. I kept an one plant separate and did not touch it at all, it produced abt an ounce of bud. The rest of them ? They produced anywhere from 4 ozs to 10 ozs. Pictures are in the following post including the non LST Auto which incidentally is a Haze auto