Lst, is now a good time


Is this a good time to bend my girl, ty.


It’s big enough your good for LST


@daddydays yep LST her like she owes you money lol



@daddydays I need that in a side view. But looks to be right from top view



@daddydays move the lower one up between the lower and 2nd growth node so you don’t snap her at base. You want the bend 1/2 in from soil


She’s still flexable.



:+1: you did her a solid!!



@daddydays perfect


Ty, I’m a novice so I’m still learning.


Np if someone can’t help they can link some one in that can


This is a useful thread. Thanks for posting it, @daddydays. I’m currently growing four plants (my first) that have just started vegging, and only plan to flower two. I was planning to scrog, but now I’m thinking maybe I’ll use LST, so I can keep the mothers out of a scrog net, but in the same tent, until I have to pull them when I flip. I hope you keep posting here, because your plant looks great, and the photos are very instructive… even if it is your first LST.


I’ll keep updating, I looked at them this morning and the tops already started to bend up over night. In less than 12 hrs it looks like a different plant. I’ll take pic later today. I have another one I’m just going to top when it gets a little bigger and another one I’m just going to leave alone which is an auto.


So I decided to LST my auto because the other 2 I LSTed look so good. We will see how it’s going to do.


Perfect! Looking amazing.


Update, bent the last girl because her sisters are doing well


@daddydays they are looking beautiful. When I grew in soil I use to love the spiral LST. Looked awsome when it was done and saved a ton of space now I’m to lazy to do that I do my topping super croping and fimming. Way easier and I do t have to worry about room anymore lol well haven’t had room issuers in like 3 yrs lol. But they look awsome