LST? I need advice please

Is this a start to LST? I’ve been reading about it and wanted to give it a try, any input is appreciated

That’s kind of how it goes but you really want to let your side shoot branches , branch out more cause you are bending the main stalk which you really would like to keep straight . In my opinion I think you trying this very prematurely , give the plant much more time to grow out more before you start LST training if that’s your desire Sir . I’ll upload a photo on LST but low stress training is really in the early stages of flowering but in late vegging honestly . From the photo at this point what you really want to do to begin training her is film top the plant buy snipping the very top node that’s starting to grow out in the very center of the two top leaves , than let her recover for a couple of weeks and after its topped she bush out more and give you a better platform to LST training .

This is an example of what LST training should resembles which allows more light through the canopy of the plant to the bottom half that’s over shadowed by the top branches and side shoots that grows to the light is why most cultivators LST . Hope this helps out and give you a better perspective on how to LST train .


@yoshi that is a nice lil LST there it looks ready for the Scrog . And to anticipate the next question this is the difference between fimming and topping


I LST them flat on the soil.


@Givemefire you buddy have some scary looking LST pictures . You are the guy who let’s his branches make more root nodes aren’t you? Some of that shit borders on topiary artistry not just growing lol


I am like you @Edward7983 and keen to lst. I topped my plant yesterday

With a view to lst once the new shoot grow. If there is anything I have learnt from here is patience and the Really good help


Thanks for the replies guys… @Yoshi I guess tonight when i get out of work ill undo the LST for now. Lol i guess i got a little ahead of myself. Its my first grow so i want to make sure i do things right

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My seed sprouted on the 16 of October. So its a little over 3 weeks old. Its bag seed, so its a crap shoot if i get a female out of this experiment. But i am taking it very seriously. Because if things work out for me in my first grow, i will be planting some exotic strains.

i would like to know when is it a good time to fim or top. Should i let her branch out a bit more. I would hate to cut off any vital parts or bud sights?

Best thing for now is patience . Lmao I am the same way I have been waiting for most of my life to do this and now it seems like it is taking forever to grow . I started to LST mine and messed up and had to undo it also. They are amazingly resilient to minor damage s long as they are healthy to start . You really should have a look @Givemefire LST to get a idea of what can be done with one and the benefits ou can get from it . Good luck

You technically can start training now because the stem needs to be soft to where it won’t break when you do. Make sure the plant is healthy enough for it first. The main problem with what you did was you tied it way too want to put the tie more towards the middle- top of the stock and tie . There is some good YouTube videos that show you where to put your wire tie, but don’t tie it so low on the main stalk when you start training again move the tie up.

I’m interested in seeing some of what you do bro

likely going to start a new topic for this, but will start here.

I have 5 ladies in a 4x4x6.5 space. Originally I was going to try to complete the grow with 1 mars hydro tsl2000 (4x2 flower coverage) and just try to keep everything to one side of the tent. I recently decided to add another light to fill the space, which means I now have more room to try to spread the 5 ladies out. I’ve FIM’d twice and am thinking with another topping or 3 and some LST I may be able to pull off a Scrog. Not sure if this is a little too ambitious for a first indoor grow, however, they have responded well to a recent transplant, cutting of lower branches, and FIMing all in one shot, so I’m gaining some confidence.

Any and all advice is welcome.

Something is not looking right are it’s just me? What is trying to be done L.S.T?

Not sure if I understand what you mean? I didn’t end up doing any Low Stress Training until just recently when I started tucking them under the scrog net. They have come a long way since those pics were taken and posted.

This is my super skunk before and after lst.

And this is my goldleaf, switched light cycle 8days ago. Heavy lst