LST Help/Teachings/Questions

So tomorrow will be 4 weeks and I THINK I tied it down right. But the fabric keeps moving up and i feel like it’s supposed to be tighter but then I feel like it’s too tight. Lol I’ve never done LST but before I tie them down I wiggle them and twist them in the direction I want them to go in and tie it down. Lol

Any suggestions, tips, comments anything to help me out would be amazing.


Looks like you’re doing a great job on your LSTing. As long as the branches don’t break, you’re good.


It sounds like your doing it right
Tie it down towards end of stem to keep it pulled over but they will instinctively try to grow up so adjuments will be needed or extra ties as she gets bigger looking good @psychEDM

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Great job no broken branches is always a plus and your plants will reward you later for it

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I hope so!