LST help - did I miss the window?

“Dixie” is 6 weeks from germination and is growing faster than I thought she would (1st grow ever) and as an indoor grow with limited space I was hoping to LST but am afraid I missed the window. Currently 16” in a 2x2 but will be moving to the 3x3 for flower. Thoughts and advice on LST and “how to” would be amazing but all thoughts or opinions on how you think she’s doing are welcomed and appreciated!


There is plenty of airflow within the plant. I wouldn’t take anything off of it. The only training I might do is topping, but avoid even that if it is an auto.


Thank you however she was a “gift” and have no idea what she is. She’s just showed her sex and she is just shy of 7 weeks and if I am not mistaken an auto would be further along by now? She looked too heavy from above which is why I was thinking of LST but maybe I will just gage her to keep her upright.
The airflow in the tent is good for sure and is about 76* with humidify ranging 60-70% however I need more height to keep the light distance and that’s not an option in this tent otherwise I would her here. I think it’s to late to scrog or bend to cap her height. Sadly

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We’ve seen autos flower as late as 12 weeks. Seven weeks is in the common range of 4 to 7 weeks when most will flower.

If it is an auto and she is showing her sex, then she will start flowering within a week or 2.


I would at least bend her over to expose the lower growth to more light. Looks like a good plant !

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At this point she look very solid trunk.

SCorg would be more safe. or little LST still can do for me bur not overdo.

Nice healthy plant. If she Autos i would let her grow and LST lower nodes if i were you.

You can simply apply some pressure. Gentle tied lower branches or use your hand to help shape to help them go side way. Or use garden wired and bend them branch

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I see you address about heigh. Her top node still can go along SCrog i would do that and keep her down below the net untill she flowering. And decide later when to let her grow upward

For tying you can still do ‘at very top’ where she not that very solid. However be careful.

Thank you - I am just not sure how or where to bend her and I’m afraid to ruin her. Any tips on that before she flowers?