LST for autos? (White Widow Auto)

Hi Randy. Yeah it was a pretty bad day and a half. Feeling much better now. Thanks for asking. Yeah I just had to order a new pH meter. My old one took a crap. Will be here the 4th along with some Scotts Super Bloom to blow these babies up. Stretch hell? You should see this sudden width in the leaves just in the last day. Will take pics later. Ok let’s see about helping @Blazin_Skywalker

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I screwed this up it’s @Lightbender that needs the help , damn I fk up a wet dream! Lol
To you gotta whatch me.

I do pretty much the same thing with my photos. I call it circling the wagons. Each branch chasing the other around the pot.


Lol Brother…

My techniques are a little to stressful for autos. But for photos, well you’ve seen it blows em’ up in the end.

I wish I had taken more pictures during the beginning, but this is from a week or so ago. The results of my spirals.

Amnesia Haze Autoflower


No problem I’m enjoying the reading.
Just got my Arizer Air 2 vape in…First time to use it and I’m in love!! The taste of bud is incredible. Got to go have another round with my it. Makes rainy days seem a lot brighter.

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This is one of 4 outdoor plants FIMed and trained. I did another grow and didn’t train and was unhappy with way plants grew but hey, a decent harvest is a decent harvest.


@NavyVet420. That’s awesome!! No, that’s a tree!! Even the picture is intoxicating. Man could you imagine walking through the woods and finding something like that. I’ll just day dream about that.

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Wow! If I ever have a plant get that big…I would have a permanent grin.

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Thanks for your way of getting more plants to start under my small light

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Yeah I never top with autos. It can be really simple to train your plant with little effort, just a little practice. I find screen of green to be easiest, I tried bendy pipe cleaners but it was too much effort for me, I dont have too much time to spend with the plants. I would not even lollipop an autoflower (defoliate; fan leaf removal) because in my experience, most auto’s enjoy lighter nutrient levels and rely heavily on the K,P,N, etc stored in large fan leaves, as well as the light they collect. I dont believe I would super crop an auto, or transplant an auto either. They just have such a short life span, it’s better to be as optimal as possible in environment and focus on watering instead of high stress techniques.


I have use a super soil with my autos I have also used miracle grow. Surprisingly I had a great response. Smoke is super de duper as well. The super soul is worrying me though.

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Here’s my girl. Today is exactly week 7 since popped seed went in the ground. She’s been trained to the max. Stalk twisted and thinner than quarter. 20/4 cycle. Custom soil blend. GH coco coir, FFOF, perlite, worm castings. Fox farm nutes, flower fuel, myco +, Dutch science organic cal mag, weekly recharge.

Correction THICKER THAN A QUARTER! Lol. Sorry