LST for autos? (White Widow Auto)

I’d like to find out if I can do a little training on a white Widow auto that’s about 10 days old. Can I pinch the top out at this point or what?

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You want to wait until there are 4/5 leaf nodes before topping or FIMing.

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I have a pic to post of her, I’m having a hard time counting anything on this one. It’s not symmetrical like others I’ve had.

I LST my autos starting at about 2 weeks. What I do is I plant my seedling off center in my net pot and then train the plant low and around in a spiral. :v:


That sounds like a super idea. I’ll have to try that on my next grow for sure.

Topping isn’t always recomended for auto’s, but if you think you have a vigorous strain and you’re feeling confident, go for it. With auto’s you want to do it as early as possible, The user commenting with the spiral idea is on a better track. I would read the grow weed easy tutorial on topping auto’s. Remember with autos you are racing the clock to flower time, which for some is only 21-30 days. With the recovery time in topping, some growers say it is best to just use the screen of green method, or to use pipe cleaners or simple low stress training methods to constantly bend the top. I personally use the screen of green or SCROG. The time it takes to recover from topping with auto’s reduces your yield in the end, as you end up with a smaller plant in the long run, with the shift into flower slowing the growth. However with photoperiod plants, you have control over the vegetation and even then some strains like topping more than others.


I believe I may try my hand with LST. Sounds like it’s a little less risky.
I appreciate the reply.

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First Welcome to ILGM

OK … If your growing an Auto the last thing you would won’t to do is STRESS her. Auto’s are a fast growing plant an introrupting that could cause you problems big time.
I’m not saying you can’t I just wouldn’t take the chance.
but if you do then the sooner the better. ut only in the early stage of vegg. and then only do it once. You just don’t want her spending all her energy healing when it should be spent on growing with the small amount of time she has in the first place.

hope this help you.



I didn’t read any of the posts and we both said the same thing. Your answer was dead on my friend. " PERFECT "1

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I definitely appreciate the advice. I would have never guessed that growing plants of this nature could be so involved. I’m trying my best to straddle that line of keeping my growing simple however I can see in time where I’ll want to up the game and get a little more scientific. A high yield would be great but I’d trade that for little to no issues during the grow.

Well i’m just the person to help you with that goal.
I I can show you how to make your own soil where all ya get to do is water and give them some tea every now an then.
Check out my journal you can start there ok here’s the link :slight_smile:


Now this sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing!

Welcome to our little world, I’m a first time auto grower myself, though I did a White Widow fem grow thus year and harvested.
Anyway I’m on day 42 ilgm Super Skunk Auto.
White widow is a med height sativa mine got to 3 feet, and alot if autos can get huge they have a mind if there own, I do light LST on mine to keep the bud sites in the open but there to big for the tent now.
Ok I don’t know your exp level but I can tell ya my opinion on it from this grow, and that would be watch out there fast ,and when they strech you can 2-3 inches a day.
I used LST and sog my first grow but I veged 12 weeks had plenty of time…lol but these Auto s are quick.
Good news is there plenty of great growers here with good experience to help you along
You might want to chk out @blackthumbbetty or @OldSchoolGrower for some auto LST training.
Good luck and welcome.

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Your plants are lovely, @Randy1966.


Lookin’ good there Randy…

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Thanks y’all … Kentucky hello lol. You enjoying that harvest @blackthumbbetty! Every thread your in your like " anyone wanna fire one up" lol.

Hope your feeling better @OldSchoolGrower, I’ve noticed you haven’t been on much last CPL days,
Seen where your getting some good strech.,:sunglasses:
I was hoping my ppm meter in today but phone says tomorrow do just gonna water light tonight.
Damn taken over post lol sorry
Well this is Blazin_Skywalker is looking for some help in your area of expertise

I’m here to grow weed & smoke it.

Hey, Randy, wanna smoke?

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This Pineapple Crack is doing something weird in my brain…and I like it.


I wish my coffers are empty, have only 1 left and if I smoke it without the wife I’m dead lol
Well have some this weekend so rain check😎

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Awwww, I feel your pain!

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