LST for autoflowers

From a fellow grower: Growing nicely WW auto at week 3 and was wondering it being a short plant is LST recommended. They look so good I hate to mess but I have been researching LST.

We would really need to see the plant and have more info about the grow space before advising this grower. They should join the forum. While they’re here they can connect with members who have successfully used LST on WWA.

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LST and HST are both fine with autoflowers. It’s not clear what you mean by a “short” plant. As @KeystoneCops said, you would need to produce a photo. If it’s really young and has less than 6 nodes, you might consider waiting. Also, you don’t have to do either one. It’s simply a matter of choice. If this is your first grow, you might consider leaving it alone and experimenting once you feel more comfortable.


The description about WWA said it was a shorter plant but reading some it might not be. I have been pulling down the top leaves some more light for the lower. Thank you for your wisdom.

@TV I’m assuming you’re one who asked the question.

If that’s a current photograph, you can absolutely benefit from LST. Some useful tools are clips to grab anchor on the edge of the fabric pots, and foam-coated horticultural tie (but many other tie materials will work).

It sounds like you’ve been looking into LST though. So unless you want advice, I’d say go to town and bend those ladies sideways.

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I should change my user name to old school as WTF is WWA & LST, HST?

white widow auto, low stress training, high stress training(?)

Experimental process.

Bending 2 and tying 1. I cant stop watching them. Great hobby. Thanks for your wisdom.

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I bend all mine, good luck


The bending is happening.

I have feminized gorilla glue that I am growing as a first timer. Is it all right to let the veg cycle go longer. I don’t see any signs of flowers developing yet. I’m using Fox farm soil and fertilizers but they had a slowooo start. They are really getting big now–I will send photos

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