LST for 1st time

I let my GG #4 and my New York Diesal, I topped them and pulled them over which left plant just kinda hanging over plant. Do I let it stand back up or tie the top of it back down to bucket

Top is GG other Diesal

Not 100% sure what the question is but I believe you’re asking about tying down when lst or just bending over?

You need to tie it down and keep it tied down for now. If you just bend it, the plant will still grow towards light.


Your nodes are far apart. Get your light closer and time. I top mine at 4 nodes so that leaves me with 8 main branches. I tie those down to sides of pot so when it grows out it resembles a candelabra


Omg you just simplified lst like a boss

First is lst second is just opened up no bending
My first time too

I’d bend that main cola down so its even with the others

That’s the one I haven’t really trained it’s kind of a experiment. First time grow trying a couple different things

Here’s my baby. Wwa about 68 days flower after 2.5 months vegg

And Here’s the under carriage so you can get the idea


I think I need to know on GG I only have that one main stem I topped but only very small other branches to pull in opposite direction. When I pulled it down that left a large part of the main stem hanging over edge of bucket what do I do with the part hanging over?

You have a nice one

Should I wait to tie down when other branches get bigger? Cause the way it looks it’s all to one side of pot no other branches big enough to bend

This clone was terribly tall when I got it then I had a light right over it. Now it’s in grow room so I will lower one of my lights. Thank you

My White Widow AF LST-

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That is beautiful did you tie down main stem and then when other branches got long enough tie them in opposite directions away from main stem? If it’s ok can I tag you in the morning with some pics get your advice? This pic gives me a better idea of where my branches need to be headed. Thank you can I top my tall plant again since it’s so tall?

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Depends on whether it is an auto or photo period.

*NVM, I see you are growing indoors GG and NYSD. You should be able to as long as you can extend yhe veg. My experiemce is all outdoor growimg.

We are for 1st time getting ready to move some plants outside that I started from random seed and clones inside as 1st grow had 1 turn male got it out early but I still have 4 plants hanging and 2 have a few seeds and 1 alot of seed. Do you have problems with animals or do you have a greenhouse?