LST clips recommendations?

All of his products are 100% top shelf!

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Is it you @CoyoteCody CoyoteCody that makes all these clips or does someone else / as well?

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I had on less than a week, maybe a full week. I didn’t see it was happening until part of top->side half of plant started looking bad. I bought bigger ones also (lol not big)

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I make the black 2 piece adjustable clips, im sure others do as well, but this is my design that i sale on ebay and etsy.

1 Like these are really hard to adjust and get them to close / lock in place and be delicate with the plant all these i would use these for is fan leave tucking or something.
These are still to small.

Should I cut for light/airflow this is the damage i did. i had already stunned her before i choked her. haha, im glad that sentence was about plants lol

I think mine might be hard to bend a bit but i got some, i read this to late, i already bought then, but I’m going to check cody out, thank you! I got 2 styles. One of adjustable angle. Well see. I just watered and fed and that’s probably the last time before i flip. It’s so much nice having good equipment and gadgets. Ib thank all you guys for talking me into not cheapmg out. I’m very happy w my set up. Heres a few pics from the pther day. I’ve pruned and rasised my lights and 10% down on the light. I turned them up and almost burned them. The yellow was definitely light stress!

Possibly. I had a similar situation. I have a couple HLG 260 rspec lights. One over each plant. I had some leaf yellowing and finally figured out that the plant needed more Mg because of the demand the lights put on them
Photo taken 8/9

I increased magnesium 10% for the next two weeks (Jacks 321, coco, autopots)
On 8/23 the newer growth was much improved

I try to keep the light intensity up until the last 3 weeks ±

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Idk my intensity fucked with them i calmag, they def got bleached. I pruned and watered just now and it’s lights off… here’s a pic. They are mostly back to beautiful lush green. They feel so healthy. Lots of new growth bud sites are exposed and happy! Tomorrow they will be monsters again. Watch!!!

My leaves are def green, but a little on the light side…all the leaves on yours are dark green. My auto has dark leaves but my other ones fluctuate with the color. I raised my light a ffew more inches. My intensity is still only at 40%.