LST before or after solo cup

Quick question. So I know not to LST and Top untill theres at least 4 nodes. Well I got 1 chocolope, 1 big bud and 1 amnesia haze in solo cups. Sprouted on the 1st of feb. I was going to go a full month before transplanting to a 5 gal forever home (i know multiple transplants are better but ive had the best results so far going this route). Anyway months not over yet, got 10 days. My question is should I lst while in solo cups now and maybe wait a week and then transplant or should I transplant now, wait a week for recovery and then lst. I appreciate any feedback you guys can give me. Im just planing on fimming and bending leaves over for now and once i start bloom ill lolipop, and heavy defoliate 1st week and then only defoliate 1 or 2 leafs as needed for rest of grow.

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Picture would help give us an idea of how the plants doing and the best method for it at his time

I’m going to lean on transplant now… And see what you post


My method is to transplant first, get them over the transition and then start topping and lst.


I wouldn’t do any training until after you get them transferred


sounds like u r a week or 3 away from LST or topping.!

pics would help, normal ‘white’ light is best.!
no orange HPS or blurple LED please.!!
or louvered MH if u r old school.! LOL