Lst and light question

Much better!

To be honest it’s good to track your tap water if you see it go over 300 ide be getting a filter system personally but over 500 don’t drink it.
Often calcium is in the water this leads to calcium build up in our organs, bladders, kidneys and if you have pets it happens faster in them.

Stay safe.

Your waters good keep using it mines 140-270 depending on the month lol.

I installed a 100 in line carbon filter into my cold line on my kitchen sink best investment ever! If your in USA probably be 50$ or less.
My tap water now filters all the chlorine so I don’t have to let it sit and we never buy bottled water and my kitty is safe (and sleeping on the warm grow tent)
The girl loves it


I’ll look into that filter, it would be a good thing to have anyway. That’s one chill cat! My fat boy isn’t allowed into the room by himself he’d tear it apart.
It the prettiest job but I tied 2 of the girls down today. I’ll see how things look in the next day or 2 before I mess with the other 2

We shall see

Lol, yep. I feel like at this point I don’t have a whole ton to loose. I can’t wait to start the next round, hopefully without all the issues that this one started with