Lst and light question

I have 4 ww autos growing in ffof. They are under a 600w mh lamp. I’ve had a lot of problems up till now and they are a bit stunted. The room is set up way better now. My plan was to try some lst for the 1st time but now this morning I noticed a couple white pistals on 2 of the plants. They are about 30 days since popping through soil. Is it too late to try lst?? Also, I can change the bulb to hps but don’t know the right time to switch it. I’m guessing I’m in pre-flower stage?

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Yea preflower it is. No its not to late to start tying branches although u do have to be more careful bending branches in flower cause they become more stiff and easier to break. U have a pic?

@appleyardjr267 here ya goimage image


U can bend the main stem over and tie it. I did that once. Put the string or rubber band between the middle and very top of the main stem and tie it down


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Increase your lighting and your feeding your plants look to light green almost yellow (unless that’s your lighting colour), your nodes are stretching to much so you need more light intensity turn your power up on the light or bring it closer.

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@Nicky I’ve been having all sorts of problems, most of them self inflicted. I’m working on a cal/mag deficiency. I finally have my environment stable and the light at it’s full 600wmh. I havnt given any nutes yet as I’m in ffof. I do have the fox farms trio liquid nutrients but not sure which to use now that I’m in pre-flower. At what point should I switch to the hps bulb?

All issues are self inflicted when growing indoors, your playing God :neutral_face:

Once your plants stop growing and bud sites start to grow switch to HPS.

Take a run off sample, check the tds in it.
Depending on thst you will know if you need to feed.

Can you take a full plant picture with lights off and your camera flash on please ide like to see if it’s showing signs of nutrients deficiency


@Nicky I did a run off tds the other day. The ppm going in was 535, the ppm out was 2650. I’ve been giving cal mag at 1tsp/gallon and just doubled that on the last watering. I hope this pic gets you what you need to see if not I can try and grab some better ones. They do look a bit yellowish and showing sign of calmag deficit

I wouldnt feed until ppm’s come down
Just water with ph’d water and cal mag.
Keep that PH in range those lower leafs show signs at one time your pg was out of wack.
The only true way to tell soil PH is by a soil slurry test (google how).

Aside from thst plants look good

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Thanks for taking the time. Your right, for the 1st 2-3 weeks they were getting a ph of around 8. That has now been corrected to close to 6.5

I’m a mind reader! Haha

Lol, I’m doing that slurry test I’ll post up the results when it’s done

Are you using RO or distilled water? If so, Calmag is a MUST. FFOF has a lot of nutrients but will only last about 4 weeks. From the looks of your pic and the yellowing of the leaves, you may need a good dose of Calmag. image Yes, bend over the tall branches asap and give them some Calmag and Tiger Bloom :sunglasses:

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@Nicky soil slurry showed up at 6.10

Tap water left out for at least 24hrs and ph’d to 6.5 I think I’ll give tying at least 2 of them down a try. I’ll also start the tiger bloom within the next few waterings

Your good your within range only feed 6.5 ph water /nutrients.

Your using tap water after it sits out for 24hr good. Add cal. Mag. Every second watering should be fine in soil.

They are autos so only guide them don’t bend them over and force them this is not ideal for auto growth in soil, give them guidance not force.

Also watch tds run off before you feed tiger bloom.

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The tap water always sits at least 24hrs. Tds from the tap runs between 5-700ppm

Wow! You on a well? That stuffs not safe to drink friend it has to be 300 or less for you me and the plants/pets
Time to Invest in a water filter system, for your health and the grow.

I Geuss some places in the world see it as 500 or less but here it’s 300 or less.

@Nicky my bad. Just rechecked Ppm from tap it’s 255. Scared me for a second