LST and Fabric Pots

Good Morning Everyone,

I am planning to start a grow this weekend and this will be my first go at LST. I’ve watched some videos and understand the basics of it.

What do you guys use to tie down the limbs? And when it is in a fabric pot, how do you secure it to the fabric pot? Do you just poke holes in the fabric?

For instance, I’ve seen a video where someone is using a solid pot and has holes drilled on the side for tie downs.


Pics are always welcomed!

I just use binder clips. You can clip them onto the fabric pots and tie to the handles on the clips

This is them in use


Wow, why didn’t I just think of that lol. Whoops.

@dmykins. I’ve done both ways. Holes with wires are a little more secure than clips. Your grow, your call.

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So do you just use a needle and thread wire around the fabric pot?

@dmykins. yes sir, that’s what I do. Just get a sharp pointed object, & push it through the side. I have even taken a piece of hemp twine and wrapped it around the side of the fabric pot horizontally and used that to tie branches down with more hemp twine. Be creative… have fun with it!

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I use the cheap green wire from the garden store, comes in a roll. I use linemans pliers to cut at a sharp angle and poke it thru and bikidy bam boom. I like that cause i can use any angle or length i want.

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