Lst and defoliation

As per my post yesterday I have defoliated and done some LST on my plant. I hope I haven’t butchered it too much what are your thoughts??


Looks fine to me. Great thing about photoperiod, assuming it is, even if you do slow it down. She’ll wait for you to decide when ready.


Looks good to me. When it twists up and starts growing again move it ties to pull it down again basically trying to keep the center area open and exposed to the light if u see big leaf covering a bid site area tuck it under or cut it off keep the sites opened to the light best u can. Make sure u leave urself enough water room underneath lol. My first lst plant was a pain to water lol. 4 inches between pot and bottom of plant. Yikes.


Looks good i would just do lst training until it goes into flower then do defoliation