LST advise for better canopy

I have a couple of questions here:

  1. In the below picture, you can see how I tied this plant down over to the side to expose lower growth. When would I want to remove this? This is my first grow, and logically it would seem that there would be a point to which I’m holding it back.

  1. Can anyone offer just some general advise as to how to maximize this canopy? I’ve tied all main stems down, and have tied down branches that makes sense. The one in the back right is just shooting up much faster than the rest. I wish they all grew like this one. Branches are long and wide and spaced perfectly from each other. I’ve only done very light defoliation. Maybe three fan leaves from the main stem per plant. only ones that were blocking budsites.

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Looks good to me.
Unless your in flower in my opinion no need to expose bud sites by removing leaves when in Veg.
When I tie them down I’ll take the main top and find the most open space compared to other branches and tie her down in that area so that the top is below the height of the other branches and this causes those other branches to get more growth meanwhile the main top will turn back up towards the light. I’ve tried many different techniques and they all have worked. The idea for maximum yield is to have all tops at the same height extended out like a tabletop while cleaning out the lowest areas for both airflow and allowing nutrients to be more focused on those upper sites. If you do tie down all branches extended out like a tabletop you’ll probably have to lower your lights to accommodate this.
Main time I defoliate (removing lower sites) is about a week before I flip them and again maybe 3-4 weeks after the flip.
Many posts here and on web about this.

Hope this helps and keep feeding you endo-cannabinoid system

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Yeah, I should have clarified that these are autos that are in their first week of flower. So, I was doing just a little defoliation to try to get those lower branches more light to grow out. Yeah, I was very easy on pulling them down. First time, so I just wasn’t sure how much they could take. I should have tied them down more. Also, like you said, I didn’t check for the “optimum” place to tie them down. I’ll check that next time.

Being that I am in flower, should I defoliate more? I was worried about shocking the plant too much. It is also a confusing subject for me since they’re autos.


In flower??? Do you have pict of whole plant?

Yeah, I was told they’re in week 1 of flower because of these pistols shooting out.


Maybe I’m wrong but I call that pre flower. 1-2 weeks of transition from veg to flower. She is showing her sex for sure.

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Oh that’s helpful! that’s actually good news. I’m on track more than I knew! I used Earth Dust from the Good Sunshine company. It takes some time for the natural nutes to get working in the living soil, so I was worried that they’ll start getting nute deficient. I’m actually brewing a tea right now. However, I do have a few stems that are just starting to go purple indicating CalMag which is primarily why I’m getting the tea going.

What are definite signs of week 1 flower?

Anyways, thanks a ton!

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This was an auto Jack herer
I tied that mother down and ended up with 8 zips


Thanks! oh yeah looks like we still have some time here. I was worried that my other plants were too small going into flower.

How many weeks from seed to flower? I only dream of mine getting that big. They’re white widow autos from ILGM, I don’t expect them to get this big, but one can dream! I’d be happy with three zips per.

Never grown autos so I’ll let someone else answer that.

Nice cola tree you have there @Skydiver

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You can pull them over as far as they easily bend. It gets harder as they age because they get more “woody” and stiff. You will find posts where someone pushed it a bit too far and snapped or creased the branch. They are most vulnerable to breaking right at the stalk junction. You don’t ever really have to take the tie downs off unless they are cutting into the branch.(or are just in the damn way)
I actually continue adjusting the canopy all throughout flower if needed. I had to supercrop a white cheese auto that was getting too tall and it is in full flower stretch. It shrugged that violence off and turned right back up. It’s gonna be my best crop yet.

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