LSD plant hight

I’m planning to go with LSD primarily because of the compact nature. How high does the plant grow?

Indoor or outdoor?

Outdoor with HST (super cropping) my plant is now almost 5’ tall

This picture was taken 6/25…it has grown about 5-6" in 5 days.

Doesn’t look that compact to me. My tent is 36x36x72. Not much headroom. I’m finishing 4 gorilla glue auto now.

LST and SCROG would help ya out.

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I hear that. It’s chaos in there now.

My lsd indoor is not compact at all

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About 4 feet in my 24x48x82 tent

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Thanks for the help. Should have asked for advice sooner.

What light you running cause my QBs produce nice tight nodes and bushy!!! So 3x3 you should be good! That’s 3 ChemDawg Photos in a 2.5x4 scrog net.

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I’m using a 600 watt LED in a 3x3x72. Pretty tight in there.

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What type of 600w led? What’s the actual draw from the wall because I have a 450w led that pulls only 215 from the wall.

Just be mindful of the flowering stretch. They will double in height after u flip lights to 12/12. So when ur approaching halfway of ur max height flip em. Also look into lst and hst. Cropping and topping are ur friends

Thanks for the advice. First time grower. Things were going well and suddenly my plants leaves look like they are drying up. On all 4 plants. PH problem or starving? Kills me as they are all have nice buds going.

Pictures? Could be a few diff things… pH or environmental stresses are spitball guesses

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