LSD male flower pollination

I have a Maui Wowie, Northern lights and LSD all in flowering.All from Feminized seeds. Maybe a week to 2 out. The LSD is just starting to get brown pistils.

The LSD has 1-3 male flowers at some leaf nodes. The female buds are quite large and appear totally female. I collected pollen on a couple of the male flowers and fertilized a couple buds on the Maui Wowie plant.

I noticed a few quite large calyx’s on the LSD. So I am sure there will be seeds there.

What will I get for seeds off the Mowie Wowie? A Maui LSD mix? Will all the seeds be the same like an heirloom plant or different like a hybrid?

What will the seeds on the LSD be?

Thanks for your help. RAP

Yes, however, it sounds like you got a hermaphrodite, a plant with both male and female parts.
You’ll get seeds, but the genetics won’t be stable, and will be hermaphrodite as they mature again.
Highly recommend to toss the seeds and start over.
If you can post a few pictures with normal lighting we can tell you a bit more.

I dont have pics but I know its a hermaphrodite. The female flowers were spreading rapidly and becoming nice colas and buds. Then I noticed one branch only that had 2-3 male flowers at the leaf node. I collected some pollen when one opened and applied to a single branch/ cola on the Maui plant. Later I did same again after another male flower opened. I tagged the Maui branch.

About 2-3 weeks later I saw some pollen on a leaf on the LSD plant and then studying further noticed male flowers on a couple other branches.There is not a lot of wind as it is indoors so I am hoping the Northern Lights plant and the rest of the Maui plant are not very pollinated.

I will not use any of the plant as I have a couple more seeds so I will plant a new one and try again. I do have a great clone off each of the other two ready to go to flower in a week or 2 when these are done.

My main curiosity was if the Hermie pollen from the LSD would produce female seeds on itself or on the Maui. Wishful thinking I see :frowning:

I may still try and grow a couple of the LSD/Maui just to see. For sure they will be hermaphrodites?

Thanks RAP

If they were in tbe same tent, you will have more seeds than you probably know at this time.

You can never be sure until you grow’em. But more than likely they will carry the hermaphroditism trait, even if it’s not expressed right away.