Lsd 4th grow. Ride with the rooof offffffffff! Auto lsd

Well its my 4th grow. Still takng care of dad and his stage four cancer :cancer:. Anyways planted these on the 8th. Not used anything but water on this grow. NO chemicals. So im trying a new pot a 5 gallon Gro Pro Plant Warrior Pot, 5 gal

I really like the pot and look at the difference in these 2…

Needless to say i bought 3 more! Lol.


@Fiz @Graysin @GrimJack @Bluntsmoke

Im also enjoying the fox farm ocean blend. Plants seem to do well.


Watch out for the crashing pH when in flower. I use happy frog for that reason alone

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I start adding all my goodies during flower power time :wink:

Status here is droopy at night perky in the morning. Lmfao.



Holy shit i dont know what to do with this plant its too tall for my tent. Im afraid its going to burn up the top buds. These go pro air pots are crazy. @Fiz @Bluntsmoke @Twelve1 @GrimJack


Ut oh- looks like a job for @kaptain3d!

Hey Kap! Come spread your wisdom about supercropping! You’re our only hope!


Well, it depends if the stretch is finished or if you have some more to go…

If it was mine and the stretch was almost finished, I would supercrop at the red line. And try to keep all the tops at that height…
Keep in mind, I’m no expert… just a training maniac… :wink:

If it still has a way to go, I would supercrop at the black line… But know that it will surely impact the yield a little bit. But better lose a few grams that a whole cola, imo… :wink:
If you can bend them slowly trying not to snap them, they shouldn’t lose too much… If you “break” them, you will lose a few days of bulking up… :nerd_face:

and here’s how I supercrop hard branches:


I can be. The tops for sure. It should t get any taller but idk either as this is the first time usingvthe go pro super grow pot which i ljve btw.

I was just going to tie the top over with twine.

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Dude they live through that? Kick ass. I thought braking it would be bad

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@Fiz lmfao that us awesome.

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It’s not ideal when in flower, but you would be surprised at the amount of punishment they can handle :smiling_imp:

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If that’s an option for you, that’s the one that will impact your wield the least… :nerd_face:

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YepnNd plants are looking good. Man i tell you that go pro pot is the shit!

@Fiz @kaptain3d @Bluntsmoke

Here are some pics for y’all. Not really.much to report other than these things Re getting tall. Need bids to fillout more and im good.


They’ll fill out some fill out later in the grow

BTW, did I mention how astonished I am that these are that tall? My two productive LSD autos were 19 inches and 15 inches tall. I also have one that’s 5.5 inches tall, plus a 5.5 inch clone. It’s nuts the difference. I hope they fatten out their buds the way my shorties did - I LOVE the smoke!

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Smokes great! Cant wwit to grow some skitt6. What I noticed is they love space and love light. I kept light’s going for two weeks. Last fime i did it was when i was knthe closet. Zeveral grows ago seems like now. . Oh and picked up some zkittles to try :wink:

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Man i screwed that up. Zkittles. I jjst got some of it during the 420 sale. Bought a new tent and everything.

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Nice! I’ve got so many seeds atm I didn’t buy any but I did buy a decarb/infuse machine yesterday. My mom would have a fit if she knew that’s what I spent my BD money on! :wink:

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