LSD-25 Foxtailing

My LSD-25 is 58 days above ground. This is my first time growing this strain. I backed off the lighting when I noticed the foxtailing starting. She still continues to foxtail after backing the DLI down to 42 for the last week or so. The lower buds are mature enough to harvest I think. The upper buds are foxtailed so badly that I can only check one or two small spots. Is there anything else I can do or will she continue to foxtail until I harvest. Fast buds says 9-10 weeks so this is about right to be done. Not sure if some of my trichomes pics are of sugar leaves. I’m assuming most of the purple in the pics are buds. I’m going for about a third amber. These shots are a mixture of upper and lower buds.

Image_2021-08-19 22_24_35_658
Image_2021-08-19 22_24_24_314
Image_2021-08-19 22_18_42_867
Image_2021-08-19 22_17_04_605
Image_2021-08-19 22_14_06_917


LSD25 is one of the darkest strains I’ve grown I had a couple friends who were scared to smoke it they thought something was wrong with it nice work

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