LPG gas heater for CO2

Can I use a portable LPG gas heater to generate CO2 in a 30 sq ft grow room?

Probably not, CO² will only be a small part of what comes off the heater so you have to think of the carbon monoxide and all the other stuff that will come off the burning of the gas.

Unless you need to heat the room up, I can’t see a benefit…

As I suspected.

Thanks for your input. Sodastream it shall be…

Never knew lemonade was good for plants…

Not lemonade. But cherry cola now… Thats where its at.

Yuk. Hate that stuff, even from it’s first iteration.

Mind you, cherries are one of the few fruits I can’t stand anyway whereas she’s just turned around 2lbs into sauce for her own use.

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You can use a burner to generate Co2. But like big banana feet said it’ll heat up the room as well. I use a yeast and sugar mix in a 3 gal bucket. I have a fish tank heater and air pump going into it with direct lines feeding to the plants. I’ve also heard of people using the vinegar and baking soda on a drip scale measure. But at first I was just using a cooking pot with sugar and yeast and I would stir it up everyday. The yeast would foam and out comes the Co2. Just be sure to have it above the plants since it’s heavier than air.