Lows Mid 40's to mid 50's!


all this week ! To pull or not to pull ?? That is the question lol !! I would like to give them as much time as possible BUT even if I pull them at the last minute they would still have to cure in my non heated garage ?? I am stymied lol !


In order to be successful growing your own “meds”; You need to be prepared to do what it takes to nourish and protect your crop. I hope it all works out for you. Peace


Help with harvest. I live in a rowhouse in the middle of the block. I have patches of ground on each side and my car parked in the middle. Its on an alley and I grew really big tomatoes next to my green beauty, well the tomatoes are dying and shrinking and my eight foot beautiful weed plant is sticking out like a green thumb!! I only have one huge plant and little ones under. My first time growing and I’m so happy with growing, it is like therapy. I sit out with my garden, smoke and listen to great tunes and sing to them. I really think it makes them happy. My question is… My buds are not really big but they are starting to pop all over. I don’t see the auburn color on the big plant but the little ones under have them. I really want to let it go but I afraid someone will see it, and this weekend the temp is going to be below 50 degrees. Also what about the leaves? My plant has have so many what can I do with them? Can you get high off them? Do you treat them different? I have a piece of the top of my beauty hanging upside down (I had to cut it) and the bud are small please let me know I’m am in need of advice. Thank you!!