Lowryder help needed

Got 5 lowryder seeds all popped and 2nd set of leaves appeared 3 days from when I started soaking. I get 5 hrs of direct sunlight so I plan on putting them under cfl at night any tips or help from other lowryder growers needed

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If this is what you have it will work. More Sun the better, and you need 14 hours light, If you like to have a dark time, Not needed.
Best of luck post pis from time to time so we can see to…

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how precise with the times do I have to be will irregularities mess them up in the light schedule I mean and I will send pictures tomorrow

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Are they auto or photo

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Autos what I’m worried about is due to circumstances I can’t really give them a traditional schedule so it’s either leave em outside or try a crazy schedule

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Autos don’t care about time it just needs light, I see people grow them on 24 hours of light, see some people use 12 hours of light from the start. they just grow, I am sure the lighting will play a part in how big she will get.

So if one day they get twenty and the next day five it won’t stress them into hermies

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Autos are pretty indifferent to lighting. They are on a clock and nothing you can do can stop that clock from winding down.

That’s what I was hoping for I will let you know how it goes

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would love to know… i found that autos in less light mature slower. lets see if its different for you

It could, Odds are it will not and if it dose free seeds.

You need a light timer. Whether you run 20/4 18/6 16/8 you want lights to kick on and off same time every day. People say you can grow autos with 24 hrs light, but you get more growth with a dark period. I start mine at 24/0 first week, then 16/8. Then when they begin to flower I drop lights to 12/12. I’ve run my autos 24/0 18/6, but have found that once they began to flower 12/12 works great. No loss on yield


Wouldn’t the seeds be hermies to?

I understand all of what you’re saying my circumstances won’t allow for it I have to move them a lot and some other issues

My plants are kicking ass 5 for 5 I can’t figure out how to upload pics


do you have a mobile phone?

go through the internet on it

What do you mean?

21 days from seed

Actually that was day 18 today is 21